2017 Volunteer Committee Descriptions

This committee is responsible for supporting PGA TOUR caddies. Duties include:
  • Compile a list of all 156-tournament contestants and their respective caddies
  • Maintain, issue and retrieve caddie vests and player names
  • Assist in caddie towel distribution
  • Ensure correct vest names are available for all contestants.
Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday. There are three shifts daily to staff with volunteers
Special early morning and late evening volunteers are needed for peak cart pick-up and return times. Throughout the day, volunteers are needed at each distribution site to answer questions, address cart maintenance issues, and prevent unauthorized persons from taking carts. Evening tasks will include retrieving carts, ensuring they are plugged in for charging and cleaning as necessary. This job may require some heavy lifting of battery chargers for carts.

All Cart Committee members must carry a valid driver license during shifts worked.
Volunteers must be able to stand or sit for up to an hour at a time.
Duties may include:
  • Greeters - answering guests’ questions, and solving specific transportation issues.
  • Shuttle Drivers-Transporting guests to specific areas.
  • Drivers must be at least 16 years of age with a good driving record. All Cart Committee members must carry a valid driver license during shifts worked.
Volunteers are needed Monday through tournament Sunday. There are three shifts daily to staff with volunteers.
Volunteers will work with the Official Day Care Facility and the PGA TOUR Staff to provide primary day care for PGA TOUR professional’s children. Volunteers are needed Wednesday through Sunday and are asked to work two (2) full days instead of 4 one-half day shifts. Child Care volunteers will be required to have background police checks.
The Guest Services Committee is the tournament concierge for all patrons. Ambassadors on this committee can select from many different roles in assisting our tournament guests.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Validate tickets as patrons enter golf course
  • Answer patron questions about directions, pairings, tournament guidelines, etc.
  • Registration for the Safe-TEE Kid program
  • Manage lost and found and confiscated items
  • Assist in the sale of Tournament Programs and the distribution of Pairing Sheets and Spectator Guides
Expectations include, but are not limited to:
  • Outgoing and engaging personality
  • Demonstrate a friendly and helping attitude
  • Ability to stand (as necessary) for several hours
  • Knowledge of golf rules and etiquette helpful but not required
  • Flexibility with assignment and location
Volunteers are needed during the tournament week on Monday through Sunday. Shifts are available (morning, afternoon and early evening). At least two (2) of the minimum four (4) shifts must be scheduled on a tournament day —Thursday through Sunday. We appreciate anyone available to serve an extra shift(s) and/or arrive early – stay late.
Volunteers on the Hospitality Relations Committee will work in Hospitality venues/areas throughout the golf course. Volunteers need to be knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, respectful and diplomatic. Volunteers may be required to stand at their assigned areas throughout their shift. However, stools will be provided for rest when there are no patrons entering or exiting the venue.
Responsibilities include:
  • Monitoring the access points to the Hospitality Venues
  • Ensure that only those with proper credentials/tickets are allowed in each specific venue
  • Assist in the admission process
  • Act as concierge for the designated sponsor area
  • Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday. Most volunteers will be needed Thursday through Sunday
At least one scheduled shift must be on the weekend, SATURDAY or SUNDAY. Volunteers are asked to work two full days, usually in the same venue, in an effort to provide better customer service and continuity for our guests. The tournament would welcome and appreciate volunteers to work 4 full days.
Volunteers are responsible for recording each golf shot by using trigger type lasers, survey grade lasers and a palm device. Operators are needed for both the fairway and greenside lasers (located in small towers). Training and on-site support will be provided by PGA TOUR SHOTLINK staff. There will be a mandatory meeting to attend the weekend prior to tournament. Volunteers are needed Thursday through Sunday. Wednesday is a practice day for running the laser equipment. On Thursday and Friday volunteers may choose half-day or full day shifts. In order for you to receive your preferred assignment, it is best to volunteer for full days on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday MUST be full day shifts.

*** The PGA TOUR SHOTLINK staff is transitioning to new equipment over the 2016 and 2017 seasons. You may be using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at greenside and possible new connectivity for fairways.
Marshals are the largest group of volunteers and one of the most important. This committee works on the course and in high traffic areas to assist PGA TOUR players.
Responsibilities for Marshals include:
  • Maintaining crosswalks and player walkways between holes
  • Monitoring crown noise
  • Assisting patrons with questions and assistance in case of emergency
Knowledge of golf is mandatory! Marshals must work a minimum of (instead of 4 half day shifts). Marshals must have one of their 2 full days be a Tournament Day, Thursday through Sunday. Marshal shifts can be up to 10 to 12 hours long. Marshals are needed Monday through Sunday.
Volunteers will be assigned to help the Eagle Point Golf Club staff at the official merchandise tent. There are various positions to choose from, all which include standing. Responsibilities include:
  • Greet patrons as they enter and exit the official merchandise tent
  • Stock, sell, and bag merchandise at the official merchandise tent
  • Staff the merchandise-check tent where patrons may check purchased merchandise or personal items at no charge—located next to the official merchandise tent
Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday. Consumer sales experience is preferred, but excellent customer service and a friendly, helping attitude are a must.
Volunteers will work out of the Ambassador Area. They will have varied tasks, from helping with Wells Fargo Championship University (Ambassador Orientation) to helping out WHEREVER needed to ensure a successful tournament. Volunteers are needed Saturday prior to tournament through tournament Sunday. There are two shifts daily to staff with volunteers. One shift must be a Tournament Day Thursday through Sunday.
Volunteers assist Tournament staff with Pro-Am registration, parties, and gift distribution. Volunteers also provide numerous support functions on Pro-Am days. These functions include but are not limited to bag handling, tee time assistance, First Tee activities, awards presentation, and photo support. Volunteers are needed Saturday prior to tournament through Wednesday of tournament.
Volunteers will be responsible for assisting our disabled/special needs patrons. Responsibilities include the following but are not limited to:
  • Answer various disabled/special needs patron questions
  • Direct, escort or transport disabled/special needs patrons to Reserved Seating areas or Corporate Hospitality venues
Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday, with the majority needed Thursday through Sunday. There are two shifts available each day for volunteers. At least two scheduled shifts must be on the weekend, Saturday/Sunday.
A Standard Bearer’s job is to show the gallery who is playing in their assigned player group and to display the par relative scores. Volunteers are needed Wednesday through Sunday. Volunteers are expected to:
  • Have the ability to walk 6 miles carrying a 5 pound sign for an assignment lasting approximately 5 hours.
  • Commit to at least 3 of the 5 days during the tournament, Wednesday through Sunday
  • Understand golf rules, etiquette and be customer service oriented
  • There will be a mandatory clinic to attend prior to tournament. It is mandatory that any new member to the committee volunteer for the Wednesday Pro-Am to re-enforce responsibilities and etiquette.
  • You MUST have previous experience in being a Standard Bearer at another PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS or WEB.COM TOUR event.
Volunteers will be responsible for keeping liquid refreshments stocked and replenished on course for PGA TOUR professionals, PGA TOUR officials and volunteers. During play, volunteers are needed to man the starter tents, player relief tents, and the driving range to make sure the coolers are re-stocked. Before, during, and after play volunteers are needed to deliver refreshments throughout the course and to other designated areas. Volunteers are needed Sunday through Sunday.
The Transportation Committee duties begin the Sunday BEFORE the tournament and continue through Monday AFTER the tournament. Some volunteers will be needed to help with car staging prior to and after the tournament. Work stations will be in three separate areas: the airport, the golf course, and host hotels. The primary function of the committee is to provide Tournament cars to the PGA TOUR professionals and escort the Pros and/or their families when the need arises. Volunteers may also be asked to shuttle other tournament guests. In an effort to provide Excellent Guest Service the tournament will station several volunteers at each area over 3 shifts per day. Two shifts must be Thursday through Sunday. Volunteer drivers must be 21 years of age with a clean driving record. All Transportation volunteers are required to have a background police check. Other qualifications include an outgoing personality, ability to react quickly when called upon and familiarity with Wilmington streets.
This committee will aid in the admission to and maintenance of Ambassador Alley. Ambassador Alley is an air conditioned tent where volunteers may snack and socialize. This committee will also provide directions to the various committee check-in locations. Volunteers are needed Monday through Sunday. This committee will staff three shifts per day.
This committee will be responsible for setting up and supervising the Volunteer Credential Pick-Up to take place prior to tournament. Duties include:
  • Distribution of Credential Packets
  • Uniform Sizing and Exchanges
  • Money handling
  • Inventory
Volunteers are asked to work the Credential Pick-Up in Wilmington, plus one more full-day shift in Paula’s Pool to meet your 2 Full Day requirement.

Credential Pick-up: Saturday, April 29, time and location TBD
Volunteers for Walking Scorers will keep on course statistics and scores on a handheld “Palm” type computer device. They will also wear a headset that is connected to a voice radio. This information, combined with the Laser group, is the input for the PGA TOUR ShotLink System. There will be a mandatory instructional session the weekend prior to the tournament. On-site support will be provided by PGA TOUR staff. Volunteers are needed Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Understand golf rules, etiquette and be customer service oriented
  • Walk 18 holes, rain or shine, while wearing the proper equipment
  • Keep statistics as well as the score for groups of 2-3 golfers
  • Be physically able to handle the varying terrain and weather while on the course
  • Must commit to at least 3 of the 5 days, Wednesday through Sunday
You MUST have previous experience in working as a Walking Scorer at another PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS or WEB.COM TOUR event or have used the PGA TOUR’s ShotLink scoring device at a related event, such as a PGA Championship.
Will Call will be located offsite in or near the patron parking lots. Volunteers may be asked to work at one of two locations. Our primary duty is to help patrons drop off & pick up tickets, but we also manage the Lost & Found items and the credential pickup for out of town Volunteers. Will Call is open Monday through Saturday, 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sunday, 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. There are three shifts each day to staff.