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Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Ticket Types and Pricing


Access to the Grounds of the Quail Hollow Club, All 7 days. Save $110 by purchasing all 7 days over the single day purchase, available for $175.

Practice Pack 

Access to the Grounds of Quail Hollow Club, 3 days, Monday-Wednesday for $35. A more relaxed atmosphere and the only days that cameras are allowed.

Single Day 

Access to the Grounds of Quail Hollow Club on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You pick your favorite days and customize to suit your schedule. Tickets starting at $55.

Thursday $55 BUY TICKETS
Friday $65 BUY TICKETS
Saturday $65 BUY TICKETS
Sunday $65 BUY TICKETS
Good Any Day $75 BUY TICKETS