Webb Simpson

Tournament Interview With:


Thursday May 2, 2019

Q. (In progress) going to 9, then you birdie five of the next seven. Take us through that stretch where you turned this day around.

WEBB SIMPSON: So it wasn't the start I wanted obviously, but I didn't feel like I was hitting bad shots. The ball went forever on 5, it went forever on 8, made two bogeys there. So I just told myself going to 9 that I'm still playing well, just got to kind of weather the storm, and I got two par 5s and a short par 4 on the back.

Q. How different does this course play you're a member, you play this course all the time. How different is it this week?

WEBB SIMPSON: It's very different. I mean, there's some holes I'm hitting I hit 9 iron into 9, I normally hit 5 iron in. So some holes are four or five clubs more or less than normal here. There is a bit of learning kind of week of even though I'm a member here. I'm just learning the lines, the lines are different. It's just part of it. But I still feel like I know a few things that still help me.

Q. You guys talk about patience, I'm sure the front nine tested that for you. How important was being able to stay patient today?

WEBB SIMPSON: It was big. I mean, it would have been easy to get frustrated with the mistakes on 5 and 8. You know, I'm in the middle of the fairway on both holes, even middle of the fairway on 1 and made bogey. But again, that little talk I had knowing that birdie holes were coming up, I thought if I got it back to even for the day, that would have been a really good accomplishment. I knew 4 under was leading all day until Rory birdied one coming in, so I knew if I was even after today, I was still fine and within striking distance.

Q. How about playing late today and able to carry that momentum off early in the morning?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, you certainly want to get your 3 over early, not late. I think tomorrow will be a little easier. Scores seemed better this morning, a little moisture on the greens; they're really firm. The golf course is tough, but I think it will play easier in the morning.

Q. Webb, you have a lot of Charlotte connections, you're wearing the ribbon today. Can you just talk about playing in a very tragic week for Charlotte and just sort of your thoughts with what's happened?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, my caddie and I were talking about on the third hole today just we don't understand how people can do that. Don't understand why it keeps happening. I have five kids and I can't imagine what those parents are going through. We even said that if you get your kids off to college, you kind of wipe your forehead that they're doing well, they're probably having the best years of their life and now they're gone. So I just, I hate it so much and feel for the parents. I can't imagine what that would feel like, but wearing the ribbons is the least we can do.

Q. When you view a tragedy in society, does this one hit closer to home now not just because you live here but because the Tour is in town this week?

WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely, for sure. I know plenty of people that go there. There was a text chain started as soon as the shots were fired. One of our pastors, because we have a lot of UNC Charlotte kids at our church and he was trying to text as many people as he could to make sure they were safe. This is like live texting trying to figure out if any people we knew or the church knew got shot. Yeah, it definitely feels a lot weirder and worse that it's a few miles away.

Q. What church is that?

WEBB SIMPSON: Oakhurst Baptist Church.