Round 1 Interview With:

Paul Casey

Thursday May 2, 2019

Q. Paul, just a whisker away from going to 3 under there with that birdie putt at the 9th, your last hole of the day, but overall minus 2 and a solid start here at the Wells Fargo Championship.

PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it's a good start. This is a tough golf course. It's maybe the firmest I've seen it in many, many years. Scores are showing it, it's difficult to get deep under par. So yeah, in the 60s is a solid start. We know this is going to be it's not going to be a runaway this week, so you've just got to keep chipping away, which is what I did today.

Q. Able to tie for 5th in last year's event. What is it about this layout, this course, the fans that come support it that contribute to your fine play here?

PAUL CASEY: I think you've just listed it, that's it. It's all those things. I like a tough golf course. I like a golf course that maybe highlights or illustrates my ability for ball striking. We've seen obviously players, great ball strikers win around here; Rory, JT with the PGA. Trying to think of some other names. Jason Day last year. But you're right, everything about this event is just so cool. Charlotte's a great city. I don't know it that well, but every time we come here we get a great reception. That adds to it. That's why you get the stellar field that you do and I love playing around here.

Q. Fourth in FedExCup points highlighted by the win at the Valspar Championship to defend that title. It's been a tremendous year for you and we're just getting started, Paul.

PAUL CASEY: Well, you say that. We've only got three months until we're I think the FedExCup three majors left. It's very strange because when the first major happens, you feel like that's the golf season starting. But we're now at a stage where literally we have like three months and then we're going to be into the FedExCup and then the season's almost going to be over, or will be over. My missed cut a couple weeks ago at Augusta National was probably the best thing to happen to me. I was very fatigued, not really taken any time off after the win at Valspar, and I loved the win at Valspar, it felt fantastic. But it's probably the best thing to happen to me, missed the cut, hit the reset button, evaluate the game. I'm working very, very hard. If I probably finished middle of the pack there, I could have carried on like nothing is an issue. So I want the latter half of the season to be as good as the first half. If I do that, I've got a great chance to, you know, pick up some there's now a Wyndham bonus program. I put myself in position to attack this new format that we're going to have at East Lake, which I'm excited about.