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thursday May 2, 2019

Q. Nicely played out there, particularly you open up on the back nine 3 under par making the turn. It seemed like the back nine might be playing a little more difficult today, but you seemed to get through there nicely. What was the key to that?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I hit it well off the tee. I think I hit every fairway, so I think I was able to actually attack some of those holes. I would say kind of a bonus birdie on 16 there, I hit a great 6-iron there. Yeah, it was just all tee to green and made a couple putts. Continued for the most part on the front nine, I made a good birdie on 8 and good up-and-down on 9 so it was nice to finish that way.

Q. Yeah, that up-and-down on 9 was not easy, downslope to that hole and you played it perfectly. What's the key for you to play this golf course?

NICK TAYLOR: It's long, so I've got to be in the fairway and I did a pretty good job of that today. I hit a bunch of greens, which I think once I'm in the fairway, it helps to be able to do that. Yeah, it was solid tee to green, so if I continue that, then I'll give myself some chances.

Q. We're over halfway through the season. I mean, in a little over three months we're going to be in the FedExCup Playoffs. You're 93rd in the FedExCup points list. As you go forward, what do you have to do or do you focus on that, or what's your plan going forward?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I've had a pretty consistent year, just haven't had a lot of really high finishes, but I know to just keep doing what I'm doing and the results will come. Today was nice to -- I worked on the swing a little bit the last couple days and it was nice to see some results that quick, so excited with that.

Q. I was looking at the numbers, one of the most impressive numbers on this golf course, proximity last year, it was third most difficult. Your proximity numbers today were really good. How important were the irons?

NICK TAYLOR: Very important. You know, when I had a few wedges in my hand, I was able to hit them close, which is nice. Yeah, I hit a great 6-iron on 16. A few of the shots I wasn't exactly aiming at the pin and they turned out really well. The 5-iron even on 6 turned out really good. I didn't make that putt, but yeah, I was able to hit a bunch of greens and they were in ranges where I could make birdies but also have stress-free pars, which is nice.

Q. Top-10 last week, right, in New Orleans?


Q. It's interesting because we were talking to a couple guys earlier, a lot of times they think, oh, team events, you can't get a lot out of it as a player, but it looks like similarly to a couple other players, you're carrying some of that momentum over. Did it give you confidence that you can feel?

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, I played pretty consistent last week. Actually, I think Martin shot 4 under as well, so we were partners and we played great on Sunday. If we each would have made a few more putts, it would have been a really great round. So I think we both carried into this week and obviously it showed today.

Q. Lastly, how important obviously is the driver on this golf course? You hit 10 fairways today.

NICK TAYLOR: Yeah, that's key for me. I'm not a long hitter by any means, so hitting fairways is key so I can actually somewhat attack some of these flags if I can with shorter irons. It's a lot of 6- and 7-irons, so if I'm in the fairway it helps a lot.