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Thursday May 2, 2019

Q. Fantastic finish there at the 9th making birdie. I mean, how sweet was this first round at the Wells Fargo Championship to get it to minus 4 in this ballpark?

ADAM SCHENK: It was nice. I would not want to play the round over again, that's for sure. Just straight off the tee, made some short putts, got it up and down a couple times. That's about it really. Hit a couple shots close.

Q. So you didn't make the cut last year, but what were the things that you gleaned from playing here last year that you could apply this year?

ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, not even close last year. Loved the course, just didn't quite hit it straight enough. I missed it in some bad spots. And the greens get so much firmer on Thursday than they are on Tuesday; even this year it was the same. Just able to cut the ball a little better this year, especially helpful on like hole 1 or something. Just some different holes, just driving it straighter than last year.

Q. Yeah, describe those scoring conditions today for us. Seems like it was a perfect day, some light breezes, bright sunshine. It could be perhaps the best day we get all week based on the outlook.

ADAM SCHENK: It was nice. Even when we teed off at 7:10 this morning, it was warm, it wasn't chilly. Even on the range warming up at 6:30 there was no wind. Just perfect conditions really, couldn't ask for much more.

Q. What's it like when you play your first nine and it's kind of volatile, a lot of birdies, a few bogeys mixed in there, and then you make the turn? What's your mindset when you do that, because your back nine was so consistent?

ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, just I feel like you rarely have two nines in a row like that, so I knew if I could clean up a few of the mistakes on my back nine, the front nine, that I would hopefully be able to throw in a few birdies and take out the bogeys. One of the bogeys on the back nine, my first nine, it was just a bogey. The other one I three putted from like 14 feet, so that one stung a little bit. To bogey the next hole didn't make it any better. It was nice to hit one in there like a foot on 17 and then made a nice putt on 18.

Q. You're a fairly new player to the PGA TOUR. What's it been like for you settling in out here and experiencing some of the new courses and finding your way out here?

ADAM SCHENK: That's definitely the hardest part of your first year out here and that's what I struggled with a lot last year. Just the competition is unbelievable. This year, knowing the courses a little better makes a huge difference, just like you said.