Round 4 Interview With:

Rory McIlroy

Sunday May 5, 2019

Q. Rory, if we could just get an opening comment ,wrapping up the week at 7 under.

RORY McILROY: Yeah, a bit of a stop start weekend. Finished well yesterday to give myself a chance going into today. Played the first six holes well today, sort of pretty steady, what you need to do. Could have made a couple there.

And then the three putt on 7 sort of derailed any sort of momentum that I had. Ended up birdieing the eighth hole and then 9 and 10 was basically my own doing. I think of the of my play over the last few days; if anything, I hit a couple drives left over the weekend, but then my short game sort of just cost me a few shots. So go back home this week, work on that a little bit and get a little bit sharper in those areas and get ready for a couple weeks' time.

Q. What will be your focus going into the PGA?

RORY McILROY: Probably just more around the greens. Yeah, I mean, I think if anything, it's just that. I didn't feel like I chipped the ball particularly well this week. Sort of messing around with a 64 going into Augusta and so I was practicing with that a good bit and then just went back to the 60 last week. I was sort of in between two wedges a little bit and just sort of trying to get used to playing everything with a 60 again. So yeah, around the greens and on the green probably the focus going into Bethpage.

Q. What's your impression of Bethpage? What's your experience there?

RORY McILROY: It's good. I've played three tournaments there, two FedExCup playoff events and a U.S. Open. I think it will be set up very similarly to the way that the PGA TOUR events were set up. It's sort of fair, it's right in front of you. I think Kerry Haigh does a really good job, so somewhere in the region of 8 to 12 under par will probably win. It's a big golf course. You've got to hit it well off the tee, hit it in play, hit your irons good, and then obviously roll a couple of putts in. But it's a really good course. It's been one of my favorite venues for a while.

Q. How do you get on with the New York crowd? Do you enjoy that kind of energy? Can it be distracting or is it something that kind of energizes you? Where do you fall on that?

RORY McILROY: I think you just you know, different people do different things. I just try to get into my own little zone in my own little world, and as much as I acknowledge people and wave, I'm sort of trying to stay in that little bubble. Probably try to create that little barrier or shield because it is noisy, so we're just trying to stay focused on what you're trying to do.

Q. Rory, you played with Max yesterday. You won your first Tour event here, looks like he's going to win his first Tour event here. He looked really calm. Is that misleading? Can you put yourself back 10 years ago or nine years ago?

RORY McILROY: I think even from some of the comments he made yesterday, he said he felt calm out there and it was sort of he said he was surprised at how calm he felt. So if you can get into that environment and play really good golf and feel that way, then that's great for him going forward.

I was very impressed with him yesterday. He hit the ball really well, putted it pretty good. As you said, stayed level headed and he's played really well this week. If he pars the last, he shoots 15 under par for the week and that's really good golf around here.