Round 4 Interview With:

Justin Rose

Sunday May 5, 2019

Q. Justin, able to get it to 11 under par this week. Evaluate the week, considering the statements that you made coming in this week that maybe you weren't exactly sure of the direction of your golf game.

JUSTIN ROSE: I knew the direction of it. I just didn't know where I was at. You know what I'm saying?

Q. Yeah.

JUSTIN ROSE: And obviously people said, well, don't know where my game's at, don't know where it's going. So I kind of had to re had to refocus a little bit after Augusta, but still didn't really play great this week. Really struggled with my long game and couldn't hit a fairway it felt like. Every swing felt a bit of a fight and a battle. But that's why I'm really pleased with the result. My short game was awesome. Putted it really, really well, scrambled well, hung in there well. Mentally stayed with it. All of those things. I really kind of built I felt it was a good hard working week and to get a decent result out of it is pleasing. Obviously to win a golf tournament, you feel like you need a little bit more than what I maybe had this week. But I maxed out in other areas, which is pleasing.

Q. What is it about Quail Hollow Club, because if you go back through two previous finishes, those were also top-5 in this championship.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. One year actually I played here and I felt like if I putted like I did this week, I would have won by about 10. But it's a golf course that obviously suits my eye from that point of view. And it's a strategic golf course. The greens are so severe, so sloping, that you need to respect a lot of pin placements out there. A lot of guys can make cheap bogeys on this golf course and maybe that's what I haven't done. Obviously going to make a few birdies in and around the course, but trying to eliminate the mistakes. And I feel like this golf course can eat you up if you don't know which pins to attack and which to respect.

Q. Justin, probably not quite the result you were looking for, but still probably pretty happy, I would think, with the week.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I mean, going into today is always a bit of a long shot to win it, but I felt like I played well. Feel like I gave myself a bit of a chance around the turn, birdieing 7, 8, 10, things got interesting. But Max, every credit to him, he kind of stayed with it today. You know on this golf course that maybe you expect the leaders to possibly make a bogey or two coming down the stretch, but he's been rock solid today, so every credit to him. I think he's just hit the fairway at 18 and pretty much sewn it up. So that's impressive.

But from my point of view, it didn't quite have everything I needed to go super low today. Didn't hit enough quality shots, didn't hit enough fairways, but hung in there really well. I think that's what this week was about for me really is it was like a workweek. Every round, I earned. But that makes the result like this actually really satisfying. Sometimes you finish third and you feel like, oh, it's a missed opportunity, but this didn't really feel like that for me. And it gives me a platform to build on now the next few weeks.

Q. Talking about the week, coming off as a workweek as you just called it, and know it's going to be similar.

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely. I think this was a something that the way I approached the week, I didn't get too well, I was working hard on my swing, but I didn't get too bogged down just on the range. I really worked hard on my short game this week, really did all my putting drills. I did everything I needed to do to score this week. And obviously mentally staying with it and respected the golf course and played with what I had. I came out Thursday not really knowing how it was going to go. And I feel like shooting under par the first day was something that I felt like that was great. I could build on that. And three rounds in the 60s I'm pretty pleased with, obviously, on this golf course. Because you can't it's kind of a fun golf course. You have to hit fairways, but if you do miss the odd fairway it's a bit of a shot maker's course. There's occasional shots you can hit out of the trees, run the ball up. It offers you a lot of fun shots out there. But yeah, just not enough really good golf shots to challenge the leaders. But all in all, happy.

Q. What does Bethpage offer you? What's your experience there? What's your impression of the place?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, it's a big golf course, right? So it's the scale of everything there is huge. Obviously the crowds are going to be noisy, it's just going to be a it's going to be a fun week, I guess. But it's going to be a week where I don't know how they're going to set it up, to be honest with you. I doubt U.S. Open style, but you're going to have to be able to play golf. I need to work on my driver a little bit. But I felt like I clicked into a swing feel coming down the stretch here, I hit a quality iron shot into 17 and a decent iron shot into 18, given the pin placement. And so those are the little things I feel like I can really bet in, in the next week.

Q. Are you glad that it's as energized and enjoys that New York crowd vibe a little bit, and being a little more boisterous?


Q. Do you feed off of that, or

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, I think feed off it you try to get focused and just tunnel in as much as you can. But I feel like I have always had a good time in New York for the most part. For a foreigner, I get treated pretty good. So, yeah, no, I think it's I think if I go back to the last time I played there, it was soon after the Olympics and it was kind of fun. Obviously, Kuch and me and Stenson and I were having fun with the medal and all that and it will be nice to go back.