Round 4 Interview With:

Joel Dahmen

Sunday May 5, 2019

JOEL DAHMEN: I don't know as much as I was in between chipping and putting it, and I've been working hard on my chipping, on that exact shot, and it's one of those things under the gun like let's see if we can pull it off. It's such a basic simple chip, but for me it's not that basic and simple, I guess, with my technique. I just kind of said, you know what, I'm going to chip this. I putted it for years and I just I was a little disappointed that I maybe just didn't chip it closer. I had the putt read correctly, I didn't trust it. I wasn't too worried about the putter, it was more just the overall mindset of the chip that I had there on the whole thing. And then a couple loose drives there, probably tried to shape it the wrong way off those tees instead of just hitting fades like I do.

Q. Just like yesterday you bounced back after that, you make the birdie at 14, you get yourself in position, gave yourself some chances coming in. We've talked earlier about the key being in this position. This has got to make you feel really confident?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I certainly didn't beat myself today. Max is out there playing great. He's a good buddy of mine, so I'm really happy for him, especially what he's been through the last few years. But I didn't beat myself today. I hung in there, a couple good pars coming in, which is worth a nice amount of FedExCup points for me and that's going to go a long way this year.

Q. Joel, you told us after Round 1 that you don't really play for trophies, you don't play for anything; you play for money, you play for finishes. We watched you out there today. Obviously you wanted to win this thing, but you still looked like you were having a good time. What did you learn from today?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, that's probably something I'm going to have to reflect on after a couple beers tonight, but I didn't beat myself today, which was huge. I didn't make any putts today, which was different than the first three rounds. And Max played great. Shooting 5 or 6 under out there, that's pretty tough to beat. I played well, I made a couple good pars coming in, which is huge, and the FedExCup points will take me a long way.

Q. You seem like a guy who keeps learning and learns from the experiences. You talked about what happened at THE PLAYERS, you come in here after a couple top 20s. How much hungrier after you keep getting in this position does it make you to get that first title?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, definitely. I love trophies, don't get me wrong. They just come if you keep doing the right thing. So I'm doing the right things, I'm on the right track. This weekend was huge for me. Yeah, and I'm excited about getting back in this position again.

Q. Lastly, you talk about a guy being out here and enjoying his experiences. You're out here and we're watching everything that you're doing. How much more serious do you take it in terms of maybe getting out there and practicing more, or are we going to see the same old Joel Dahmen going forward?

JOEL DAHMEN: No, I'm going to be who I am. I practice plenty, I just don't practice as much as probably some other people. But that's how I got out here and that's kind of how I do things my way. But my way has been pretty good, it's got me out here and it's got me darn close to a trophy this week. I have a great team around me, Robert Shell, John Graham, caddie Geno, incredible people. I'm just going to kind of lean on them. They kind of keep me between the rails and we'll just keep plugging away.

Q. Just some comments on being in the mix and the way the week finished. You mentioned that obviously Max is playing pretty solid.

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, Max is playing great. He deserves to win. But I didn't beat myself today, which was my whole goal. Hang in there. Tough stretch kind of through the middle. Could have made another birdie in there and a couple tee balls kind of went awry and a couple putts didn't drop, but that's golf. The next time they might and maybe I'll be in Max's spot.

Q. What do you think you learned from this experience?

JOEL DAHMEN: I was close. I mean, obviously the first days were really good and then this weekend was so so. It's always tough on the weekend. The pins I thought today were brutal. I hit it pretty good, but I had putts that were breaking two, three feet and those, you're not going to make those very often. So I hit it fine, I just didn't get it in the best position. But I mean, I'm good enough to win out here. This is a really strong field, this is a great event. Wells Fargo does an incredible job. I'm good enough to win out here against some really good players.

Q. You talked about the check at the PLAYERS Championship. Did it cross your mind at all?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yes, of course. Well, you're not really going to make a birdie on the last three unless you have something incredible, so I got four or five feet for 5 on 16, I'm solo second, I'm aware where that is. Missed the green in a great spot on 17, but I still have a tough up and down. And on 18 my caddie wanted me to play it safe, but I thought if I snuck a 3 in there and Max hit it in the lake, I could come back around. He's over here laughing at me. I had such a huge break and actually it's a pretty easy chip there, but I was certainly aware of what was at stake, absolutely. I mean this was my biggest paycheck by $500,000 maybe. I mean, it's ridiculous what I just won today, absolutely ridiculous.

Q. As far as you going for it, you say you're good enough to win out here. Tell me what kind of momentum you feel you can take from this finish.

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, certainly. Normally when I kind of get a run like this, I like to keep playing. But I have a well deserved week off next week enjoying my family and my dog and new backyard. So we're going to hang out and do that.

JOEL DAHMEN: Then I have a good stretch coming up with PGA, Colonial and then Memorial. Those are tough golf courses, great fields again and hopefully we can pick up where we left off.