Round 3 Interview With:

Paul Casey

Saturday May 4, 2019

Q. I know it was two eagles and a birdie, everything else was pars, but that's pretty good when you get out there, particularly with the way the weather's starting to come in now.

PAUL CASEY: It was a really good round of golf. I started the week struggling a little bit. Two weeks off was great, and after the very poor golf at Augusta, which I was just fatigued, I was just worn out, it was kind of nice to hit the reset button. I've worked so hard this week because, yeah, Thursday was not very good and every day seems to be like I'm getting better and better and better. Today was a display or culmination that that work is paying off already, so I'm really, really happy.

Q. You make eagle on 7 and then you birdie 10 and then you eagle 14 just chipping it in off the front edge. It's a hole location today with that front, is that something when you stand back on the tee, is that like, well, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do here, but you'd better be sure?

PAUL CASEY: No, I knew. I go through the pins every day before I tee off. I look through the pin positions, look at my all the notes I have. I mean, that was green light. The strategy there doesn't change much for me, I hit roughly the same shot no matter really where the pin is. I just knew that that's an opportunity, that's a hole I had to take advantage of today just because it's very accessible. The pin at the back is very, very difficult, the pin at the front is very easy. Left myself just short of the green and then putted it in from maybe 40 feet or so.

Rare I have two eagles in a round of golf. I need another one of those tomorrow. The guys are a little bit too far ahead of me right now, but with the weather coming in as you've just said, who knows, the golf course will change. I'm going to go out there tomorrow with a really good attitude and just try to tear it to pieces.