Round 3 Interview With:

Pat Perez

Saturday May 4, 2019

Q. Patrick, a lot of stopping and starting but you still managed 5 under 66 today, bogey free. A few comments on the day overall.

PAT PEREZ: Yeah, you know, I'm a little surprised. We've been working hard the last four weeks to get back into playing mode. I'm just really trying to get used to a new stance, a new swing and this new kind of power I've got with irons. It's been I'm a little surprised. I knew I was hitting it good and playing well, but I'm a little surprised to be here, but it's nice.

Q. The stops and the starts, how tough is that on a player when you go out, you play, and then they pull you back?

PAT PEREZ: It's actually, it's worse when it's longer, when it's like three, four hours. These were only 40 minutes. You don't really cool down. I didn't even hit balls the second one, just went straight out. There's no wind, the temperature's perfect, it was a nice afternoon.

Q. Put yourself in a good position going into Sunday. You'll be going out late and everything is going to be there for the taking.

PAT PEREZ: Yeah, I'm not going to worry too much about that. I'm happy to be playing again. Had a nice six week break with the family. It was unfortunate that my calf tore, but I'm just glad to be playing again. I thought it was an Achilles, I thought I was going to be out until December, so like I said, I'm excited to be back and I'm seeing some good stuff and I'm excited about maybe, you know, playing well the rest of the year here.

Q. You told Rex yesterday that you are in pain. How much pain are you in?

PAT PEREZ: No, I've been using these Normatecs from the truck in there.

Q. What's that?

PAT PEREZ: They're like big sleeves you put on your legs. I've been doing it for about 45 minutes a day and it helps with swelling. It's blood circulation type of stuff. My guy's coming out next week for two weeks, so he's a lot more painful than those, but it's been a lot of therapy up until now. It's been a lot of pain to get back, the same way my shoulder was, but that's how really you have to get back. You've got to you've got to have a lot of pain and therapy to come back faster. You can't, you know, really soft tissue it, you've got to put some pain but I've been in there working on it. It's actually pretty good. It's getting stronger each day. I was doing a lot of treadmill work before I came out, but it's totally different out here when you're hitting balls, walking around on uneven surfaces, that kind of stuff. You know, I'll be all right.

Q. The new swing, is that because of the injury?

PAT PEREZ: It's a bunch of things. So we were going over, me and Drew and my boy Brian were going over the fact that I was always too narrow, and I knew that for a long time, but he works on balance of just the body. He doesn't really know a lot about golf, but he knows balance of body and how the body moves. He works with a lot of MMA guys, so obviously balance and that kind of stuff. So he said your stance is way too narrow, you've got no power with that. He said if we open up your hips and get your stance wider, I think we can I think we can get some more power. I'll tell you what, I've hit some shots this week that I haven't seen since I was a kid, really. I drove it on 14, I've never been able to go for that green ever. I hit a 7 wood into 15. I'm getting longer with the irons. It's nice to see. Like I said, I'm a little surprised that I played this well so far, but it's nice. I was really trying to grind enough just to get in the Playoffs and then kind of really get on it for the start of next year, but hopefully if some things go right tomorrow I can do something nice.

Q. Is the golf course more demanding for you with the injury? I know you're back and you're healthy and you're playing and everything, but it's something obviously that you're thinking about in the length and the hills and that sort of thing?

PAT PEREZ: No, not too much. I'm not really thinking about much out there. We're having fun. H and I have fun. We've had great groups each day and we are it takes forever to play, so it's like we've got plenty of time to talk to everybody. The fans have been unbelievable out here; they're screaming and yelling and talking, I'm talking to them back. It's just been just a real nice three days out here. Hopefully we can get a nice fourth one tomorrow. Hopefully the weather doesn't come in.

Q. When did you start working on the new swing? When did you start opening up your hips?

PAT PEREZ: The first day I came back. You know, I only hit balls with an L wedge for a little bit, but I got my stance probably three times as wide as I normally would with an L wedge and I started seeing that was much more shallow and I could hit these shots that I see all these good players hit. It didn't really dawn on me how they do it. I just figured they were, you know, doing something magical. I'm starting to see things I don't have all the shots yet, I'm still trying to figure it all out, though. It's been awesome, I'll tell H, I cannot believe the shot I just saw. You see like Jason Day and Rory, these top players, awesome players, like how the hell do they do it, and I'm starting to hit a couple of these now. I think I got some new life in my old age here.

Q. At what point do you start thinking about winning here, what it would mean? Does that happen after you finish 18 or do you think about it tonight?

PAT PEREZ: No, I won't think about it at all. If I get in position, you know, out there on 15 tomorrow and I'm somewhere near the board I don't even know where I stand, I didn't look at the board all day, so it's Saturday. Tomorrow if I get off to a good run, you know, first nine holes like I have been, I'm sure I'll be somewhat close, but I won't really think about it. I won't put any extra pressure on myself because, like I said, I'm lucky to be playing again, I'm happy to be playing again. I'm trying to play that kind of fortunate role. I'm just excited to be back. Whatever happens tomorrow will be just a bonus because I didn't think I was going to be out here anyway. If it happens to go my way, I would be you know, it would be like when I came back from shoulder surgery. You know, I won my third event back and I didn't really have any answers then, either. So we'll just take what comes our way. There's a lot of good players out there. They've been on top of their game, I've been just kind of coming back, so I don't really have the pressure on me.

Q. If not for the injury, if you were in this position, do you think the pressure may be a little bit different?

PAT PEREZ: It would be more, it would definitely be more because I really played horrible on the west coast and then obviously getting hurt. It's like, man, there's a waste of a year. But I think I've got a good chance to kind of get off to a nice start here. I'm scheduled to play six in a row. I'm not going to change my schedule, I'll play all six in a row anyway, but then I'm scheduled to play like Reno and all of those. It would be nice to kind of get back in that top 50 schedule I was the last couple years. That's a nice schedule, that's nice. I would like to get back there. But like I said, I won't think about it. My goal right now is to get in the Playoffs, I want to fight hard enough to get into the Playoffs. I think I need probably 250 points or something to get in there. That's my number one is get back in the Playoffs, play in the FedEx and then get started for next year again.