Round 3 Interview With:

Joel Dahmen

Saturday May 4, 2019

Q. You talk about this laid back sort of mentality you have. I look at the leaderboard early and that double comes around and then all of a sudden there's an eagle and more birdies. What was sort of the self talk after that double to turn things around?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, I actually got nervous after I made double. I thought I was going to be a lot more nervous in those opening holes and I wasn't. After I made double, then I got nervous because I didn't want to shoot myself out of this thing, I wanted to keep having fun and keep being in this tournament. Geno, my caddie, did a great job today, just kept it light, told me I would be okay, I was still good at golf even though I struggled early. So eagle on 7, birdie on 8 to get it back was a nice way to get back.

Q. And knowing that that happened early and you sort of faced those demons and overcame them, how much do you think that that will help you tomorrow to chase that first Tour title?

JOEL DAHMEN: I hope a lot. I made it a little interesting coming in there on a couple holes there, but I've played plenty good today. If I can just eliminate a couple of those big mistakes, keep the driver in play, I think I have a good chance tomorrow.

Q. How do you think the nerves will be?

JOEL DAHMEN: I think I'll be plenty nervous and probably all day long, especially if I'm playing well, but that's why we play the game.

Q. Rebounded from the tough start. What happened there and how did you kind of get out of that and kind of get back in contention?

JOEL DAHMEN: Well, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be today on the opening tee. I was really calm and I kept waiting for the nerves to happen, and finally when I made double I got pretty nervous there. But the feels you have with your golf swing early in the week are not the same on the weekend under the gun. I was really happy for that break. Went to the range, just kind of figured something else out. I shouldn't say figured anything out, just got a different feel and a little more let it go and played pretty solid coming in.

Q. You said you're learning this in stages as far as first round, second round. How would you rate your performance today and what are your expectations for tomorrow?

JOEL DAHMEN: I think I did really well today considering the start. I think in the past I probably would have went on to 77 or 80. But to bring it back, my caddie did a great job today, helped me out a lot. I think I did great. The bogey on 16 stings a little bit, but that ball should have went in the water, so to make bogey there is fine. For my ball to stay up on 18's another good break. I handled it pretty well today. I'm going to be nervous again tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it.

Q. That's the kind of nervous, though, that players kind of live for, right?

JOEL DAHMEN: Absolutely. I mean, this is why you play. Yeah. I can't wait to wake up. I might not sleep very well tonight, probably can't sleep in, but I mean, I love it. This is competing against the best. I mean, that leaderboard is pretty stacked, so I'm excited.

Q. Take me through the eagle putt at 7 where you hit it and did you think you missed it?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, I thought I missed. I hit a great shot in there and then we thought it was inside the hole left edge and I just pulled it like a whole cup. But it was rolling so slow, it actually took a lot of break and actually went in. You've kind of got to laugh those off because I had two great putts coming in that didn't go in, so it kind of worked out.

Q. How much did that kind of get you back on track?

JOEL DAHMEN: Not so much that because, I mean, you know, I hit it in the fairway, knocked it on the green. They weren't my best swings. But the swings on 8 down the middle with the hybrid and then a wedge shot six feet, that one got me back on track, or so I thought until I hit it in the trees on 9. That one made me feel a little bit better.

Q. You mentioned your caddie did a great job of kind of bringing you back. You shared a bit of a laugh and he patted you on the head at 7 and that sort of thing. How vital is that relationship for you going into tomorrow?

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, it's huge. I'm going to lean on him. He's got a strong back and he carries a heavy bag all the time, but he knows what to say, what not to say. That's probably more important actually. Just some of the stories, I hope he goes out and has a beer tonight with some people and has some stories for me tomorrow. I know that he loves I mean, this is what he lives for, too. He's a great player himself and loves playing tournaments and he loves being around this as well.

Q. I think you have Pat tomorrow. How comfortable would that be?

JOEL DAHMEN: I am so pumped I got Pat. Actually the caddie told me that. Pat's awesome. I know him a little bit from Scottsdale, both mini tour guys kind of through there, we've hung out with the same crowd. We enjoy the same activities off the golf course. Yeah, I'm excited. He's loose, he's got great stories, I think we'll feed off each other.

Q. You probably would rather have a 10 shot lead, but does a tight packed leaderboard kind of help, you can't start thinking ahead very much?

JOEL DAHMEN: No. No. I liked it today when we were like three, the three of us were a little bit clear. That's more breathing room. I mean, third place is still really good out here. I mean, no, I want to run and hide.