Round 3 Interview With:

Jason Dufner

Saturday May 4, 2019

Q. 11 under in the house, you've got a three way tie for the lead. How are you feeling about your chances for tomorrow?

JASON DUFNER: Yeah, it should be good. There will be a handful of guys that have a legitimate chance. Some of the guys maybe behind us can go out a little bit earlier and get into the double digits. So I feel good. My game's in pretty good order. You know, the weather delay kind of threw me off a little bit, I didn't have much rhythm out there with the round. I should be better than that being out here for 15 years or so. But finishing on 14, 15 with a couple birdies and then finishing those last three strong was a good way to finish the night.

Q. How hard was the second weather delay, because usually to go back out there, come back in

JASON DUFNER: Yeah, they're about the same. You know, they are what they are. We deal with them frequently out here. For whatever reason today wasn't my best in dealing with those, but if we have them tomorrow I'll try something new.

Q. You mentioned yesterday it's been a while since you've been in contention and going out late and that sort of thing. Does that how does that affect a player when it's been a while and you get the opportunity to be

JASON DUFNER: It didn't affect me at all today. I felt good out there and I expect to feel good tomorrow.