Round 2 Interview With:


Friday May 3, 2019

Q. Patrick, you've been working on your golf swing, working through some struggles. How satisfying is it to see some results on a difficult golf course like this?

PATRICK REED Yeah, you know, yesterday was really, really solid. Today I hit some quality shots, but I had some out there that were a little loose. You know, around a golf course like this, anytime you shoot in the 60s, always positive, you always take a lot from it.

Q. You've played at such a high level throughout your career on the PGA TOUR. How have has your patience been tested this season?

PATRICK REED It's been tested a little bit, but really honestly, I feel like I've done a lot of things pretty well, I just need to put it all together. It's just kind of one of those years where one or two things have been off and other things have been on. I feel like we're getting it back on track where everything's starting to click at the same time, and when that happens, hopefully we'll have a chance on Sundays.

Q. Trailing by 5 going into the weekend on a golf course that can be very dangerous, what's your game plan going into the final 36 holes?

PATRICK REED The game plan hasn't really changed very much. Execute the golf shots a little better. Kind of hit it like I did yesterday. Hit it a little more solid yesterday, gave myself more looks at putts, and from there just kind of depends where I stand on how aggressive we get.

Q. Patrick, a couple rounds in the 60s, you're in pretty good shape, 5 back going into the weekend. Just thoughts on your round today?

PATRICK REED It was okay today. It wasn't quite what I was looking for compared to yesterday, but I hung in there. I felt like I hit some really good quality shots, but I had some in there that were just kind of head scratchers, and because of that it just made it a little more stressful. But anytime you can shoot 60s around this place, especially in the afternoon when the wind starts to pick up, greens start to get a little crusty, you always are happy. Put ourselves in position to go into the weekend and give a run for it.

Q. Is this the kind of golf course that you can shoot 2 under and still feel like you had a good round because it's a major championship quality golf course?

PATRICK REED It is. You know, I mean, depending on where they put the pins, depending on how firm and fast the greens get as well as when the wind starts picking up, this golf course can get challenging, especially when 16 starts playing right to left and if anything a hair in. I feel like that wind direction is the harder of the two directions that you're going to have throughout the week.

Q. I think last year was your first top 10 here. Did you seem to figure something out here or did it just come together?

PATRICK REED It just kind of felt like I was doing a lot of things really well, it just wasn't quite getting all the aspects to click at the same time. I was able to have them click at the same time last year and hopefully do the same this year.

Q. You mentioned yesterday we watched obviously a pretty flawless round of golf. How much confidence does it give you, things aren't perfect, but you just mentioned you still scrambled well?

PATRICK REED It definitely helps your confidence because I feel like the way I hit the golf ball today, it easily could have been an over par round. The good thing was on days I wasn't quite hitting the ball well, kind of like today, I was able to miss them in the right spots so I was able to leave myself the majority of stress free type of chips for up and down. So when you do that, all it takes is a couple quality golf shots to go out and shoot 2, 3, maybe 4 under par.

Q. You talked earlier in the week about (inaudible) golf swing. Do you feel you're doing a better job of that this week?

PATRICK REED I do. I felt we've put a lot of the hard work in already on the range and everything and grooving it with the coach, so at that point I feel like now I have a little more knowledge so when I go to the golf course, I can just play golf and hit golf shots.

Q. You mentioned the work that you've done on shortening the swing a little bit in transition. When maybe some of the shots are a little off, are you feeling that out there? Did you feel that a little bit today?

PATRICK REED Yeah, you know, I think that's the biggest thing is because of how many reps I put it and how really I single mindedly focused on a certain part of the swing because now I'm starting to feel it. So when I hit a poor golf shot, I know what it is; I'm not sitting there like, "That felt good, why did it go that way?" I think that's the biggest thing in golf; you have to have a clear head, you have to know what's going on.

Q. You're still within striking distance for the weekend. What do you need to work on or maybe change, if anything?

PATRICK REED I don't know if I need to change anything. I just need to hit it kind of like I did yesterday for the weekend and just keep get the putter give myself opportunities with the putter. If I do that, there's low ones out there. Just kind of all depends what the weather does or what the leaders do because the low score always seems to come kind of in the morning. With playing in the afternoon, getting firmer and faster greens, 2, 3, 4 under par's a good round.