Round 2 Interview With:

Justin Rose

Friday May 3, 2019

Q. Justin, as it stands right now you're in 5th place alone and you must feel like you put yourself in a pretty good position going into the weekend?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I mean, happy with that start, for sure. A couple 2 under par rounds. I had no 5s on the card today, which on this golf course is something I'm pretty excited about. Obviously took care of the par 5s. It was lovely to finish with a birdie there on No. 9. I started to hit some better shots I felt today. I feel like I'm going to make every putt I'm looking at. They're not all falling, a couple of under reads, but I feel like I'm really hitting my lines with a putter, which is good. So yeah, just kind of keep trying to tighten up the long game a little bit. I think mentally I stayed on it really pretty good for the first couple days. Yeah, decent first two days' work.

Q. What's the difference between yesterday and today?

JUSTIN ROSE: Probably hit a couple more fairways today, just gave myself the opportunity. Obviously I took care of all the par 5s. Then just the key up and downs at times when you need them to keep the round going. It's a perfect golf course really right now, I think. You can make birdies. You feel like you can step up and you're still trying to be positive, but everything has to be on point. So it's rewarding good golf, but you're going to scramble; you're not going to hit every shot perfect out there. So it's kind of just a lot of fun at the moment.

Q. Knowing how difficult this course can be and will be probably this weekend, are you very satisfied with where you are after two rounds?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. I mean, if the golf course is tough, it offers you a little bit of a chance to play catch up if you play a great round, but that catch up round is hard to find. You don't want to give yourself too much work to do on this kind of golf course, you want to be able to be up there and able to play patient. I think obviously 5 under gives me the opportunity to go out and not change my game plan going into tomorrow.

Q. Justin, you told us before the tournament began that you really didn't know where your game was at the moment. What have you learned after the first two rounds?

JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think I said I don't know where it is, but I know where it's going. Hopefully it's trending the right way. Just kind of go back to it's funny how I've always played my best golf when I simplify things, and I'm a guy who can let too many thoughts get in there at times. Kind of going back to the blueprint that we've had for the last 18 months or so and just try to simplify a couple feels. If I'm honest, haven't really probably had enough reps really the last couple of weeks. After the Masters, for whatever reason, just haven't played that much golf. I'm working hard and hopefully getting better daily.