Round 2 Interview With:

Jason Day

Friday May 3, 2019

Q. Jason, another solid round, 2 under 69, and you've put yourself in contention going into the weekend.

JASON DAY:Currently what am I? 6 back, I think? Like I said earlier, I think Jason's been in the hunt before, he's won a major championship, he's obviously won some good events out here, so he kind of knows what to expect on the weekend. The other two guys, Max and Joel, they kind of I guess you could say newcomers, but everyone's good out here. No matter who it is, whether it's the No. 1 player in the world or guys like that, you've still got to be careful and try and just creep yourself up the leaderboard, get yourself in contention on Sunday. The course was playing pretty difficult I thought out there. If you're not hitting fairways, it's very difficult to hold greens, and you've got to have short game to keep any sort of momentum going.

Q. You didn't add this to your schedule until a little bit later in your career.

JASON DAY:Yeah. I don't know why.

Q. I was going to ask you why.

JASON DAY:I don't know. I mean, I remember actually we were right here and I'm putting on the putting green and Rory McIlroy walks past me and he is fuming, like he literally just made the cut on the number. He ends up going shooting 62 or 61 on Sunday to end up winning that tournament. I think I didn't finish overly great, but I think I had a solid finish.

Then I just thought, you know what, this is a very difficult golf course. I just don't know why it didn't fit in my schedule. And then obviously coming back after the PGA, because I knew we had to play the PGA here that one year and I played really nicely. It's always one of those golf courses that Col would say, you know, if you want to go back there, I think that course will set up nicely for you, and fortunately over the last year and the first two days here it has. It's a very long, tough golf course where you have to have good short game. It's a grinder's golf course and I like golf courses like that.

Q. Rory has talked about why he has the affinity for the golf course and he kind of struggles to come up with specific reasons. Is there just

JASON DAY:He bombs it four million miles and from tee to green he's phenomenal, and if he has anything he can cut corners around here more so than probably any other golf course that I can think of off the top of my head. When you're cutting corners at a golf course such as this when it's really long where some guys are hitting to the corners and he's hitting over the top and he's got maybe three or four less clubs in, things become a lot easier. And obviously due to the fact that he's had good memories here with shooting 61 and, you know, playing well here definitely helps. But yeah, his game is so explosive, especially around this golf course, that he makes the golf course a lot easier than some of the other guys have to play it.

Q. Do you consider yourself the same thing?

JASON DAY:I mean, he's a lot longer than me, but I feel I can take on certain covers and carries to be able to like today I hit I felt like I wasn't going to carry the bunker on 10 down there on the left, but I ended up hitting driver, 5 iron into it. So if you don't have quite the carry there, you're hitting it out to the right and then it tucks in pretty narrow there, and most of the time if you hit it just right of that part, you've got to be just skirting it to hit the fairway and then you've got this tree on the right. So for me to be able to cover that, I don't have to worry about the tree on the right when I'm hitting my second shot. Those guys are hitting 3 wood, I'm hitting 5 iron. It's a massive difference.

Q. Jason, do you feel like the score reflects how well you're hitting the ball?

JASON DAY:It was a little bit scrappy coming in, but I think it reflects how I've worked on my short game over the last, you know, few weeks. I've really been disappointed with how I've been chipping, and especially my bunker play hasn't been just overall my short game hasn't been as tight as it should have been.

I've been putting in a lot of work on that and I feel like I've been hitting a lot more chips kind of stone dead rather than leaving myself kind of 6 to 10 feet and just try to grind it in. When you're doing that, it takes a lot of pressure off you. You know that you can go out there, hit a good chip, get inside somewhere three feet and walk away instead of when you miss a green, sometimes you feel like the stress level's always like high. But the first two days here have been great. I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. What about with the putter, do you feel like speeds and lines are matching up yet?

JASON DAY:I haven't putted that great. I mean, I shouldn't say I haven't putted that great. I think the momentum putts I've been really clutch on and I holed those, but like the one on 14 today, it was just outside the right edge and I wasn't committed enough and I missed a cup left. Some of the putts that I've had have just kind of skirted by. That's a good thing. I think like things are hopefully going to open up for me on the weekend. If that's the case and I'm still hitting it good, hopefully I'm somewhere in contention.