Round 2 Interview With:

Brendon Todd

Friday May 3, 2019

Q. Brendon, just some thoughts on being back in contention after a couple rounds here at the Wells Fargo.

BRENDAN TODD: Yeah, excited to be in contention, excited to be in Charlotte playing a golf course I love and playing well.

Q. You spoke to me yesterday about some of the changes that you've been making and the things that you've been working on. Can you elaborate on that a little bit for us?

BRENDAN TODD: Sure. For me and my golf swing, I have a tendency to get too far behind the ball at times and come in kind of narrow, which just means the club is coming in steep and that leads to some missed shots right. So I've just had to work on staying a little more centered and then shallowing the club out coming down, which means actually putting a little more force into the ground and being able to draw the ball, two things that have been really, really good for my golf game. They've helped with a little more distance with my irons and a narrower shot dispersion.

Q. You mentioned you were working with Bradley Hughes. Can you just elaborate on how that combination came together and how that worked out for you?

BRENDAN TODD: Yeah. A close friend of mine told me I should look at his stuff online, he has some really good instructional videos, so I looked at them. He has a book on his website that I read and really loved. It talks a lot about his playing days, the history of the great players, how they swung the club. It has a lot of pictures and drills and models in there. That kind of resonated with me as a player, a feel player, somebody who doesn't really want to go try and paint lines with my golf swing, I want to kind of feel like a pressure or a force and that's what he teaches. He's all about ground forces and pressures. So the book really hit home with me, and I went and saw him and it's just kind of been a home run ever since.

Q. How difficult has it been to be patient through this process? I mean, from where you were obviously sort of in the wilderness there for a while. Did you ever lose faith or did you know there's an answer out there somewhere?

BRENDAN TODD: It's fairly impossible to stay patient through it all, right? There's going to be ups and downs. I would think about this time last year I got a couple sponsor exemptions into some Web events and played poorly. I mean, I was beat up. I was like considering, you know, am I going to get it back, do I need to look to do something else?

But at the end of the day I'm fortunate to have had enough success out here where I didn't need to go get a job for money really. So my choice is to play professional golf and keep chasing it, keep competing, so that's what I've done and I've just kind of I never really stopped working at it the whole time. I've chased Mondays, I've chased the Web Tour, I've played mini tour events, I've practiced, I've worked with different teachers. I've never really changed my game plan. It's the same way I got out of my first slump in 2010.

Q. What has been the biggest issue?

BRENDAN TODD: The biggest issue? Ball striking yips. Hitting a 4 iron like 50 yards right out of play every round and I did that for like two years.

Q. Just irons or was it the driver, too?

BRENDAN TODD: Some drivers, but like anything off the ground, like low lofted off the ground, 3 woods and 4 irons and 5 irons starting in really, I hit one in the BMW in 2015 in the last group on Saturday and I didn't stop doing it until I haven't stopped really, it's just less.

Q. How close do you feel to being the player you were, being that guy again?

BRENDAN TODD: I feel like I'm probably better than that player tee to green right now. That guy just had more recent tournament reps under his belt of competing and contending and playing well. I hit my irons better, higher, different shapes than I ever did. I drive it probably a little bit longer. My wedge game's just as good, chipping and putting's just as good. So it's just a matter of time for me getting comfortable. I was a little stressed out there coming down the stretch, but I dealt with it well, you know. Probably better than I used to.

Q. Just getting the confidence back, I guess?

BRENDAN TODD: Yeah, exactly. For me it's just that

Q. Finally, you tweeted something yesterday, three goals. You talked earlier about calmness and patience and that was one of items you tweeted. Can you just elaborate on that Tweet?

BRENDAN TODD: Yeah. This is a well, I shared that Tweet because I don't feel that professional golfers really share the mental side of their game or what they're thinking or going through. I thought I used to write this stuff down in my notes, why not just put this on Twitter so everybody can kind of follow along. So I might just try to do something like that every week. This is a championship golf course that's really hard, it's really long, greens are firm and fast. You absolutely have to position the ball in the right spots and you have to stay calm when you don't. You've got to just kind of grind through it.