Round 1 Interview With:

Tyrrell Hatton

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. Tyrrell, great finish. That's a hard stretch of golf course there, 17, 18, except for you. Tell us a little bit about your finish.

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, it was obviously tough out there today. And 16 was playing into and out of the right, so you're kind of happy to walk off with par there. Hit a solid shot into 17, just holed a long putt. I don't think anyone's going to be going at that pin today. And then 18, it was a pretty solid drive. Just snuck into the rough on the right. Really happy with the second shot to kind of get it within 20 feet, and then holed a nice one down the hill.

Q. Solid iron play today and you putted well. Is that a good recipe around this golf course, being hole high and knocking a few in?

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, I got into trouble a few times and I think that was key to my score today where I grinded really well, a few up and downs from 60 yards. That always helps, keeps the score going. It's a good start today and hopefully I can take that into the rest of the week.

Q. 67's a great start today, good luck the rest of the way.

TYRELL HATTON: Thank you very much.

Q. Excellent start to the tournament. Get some comments.

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, it was a great start. Obviously tough conditions today. It was pretty difficult to judge the wind at times, so obviously it's going to catch a few guys out. I was no different from that, but I grinded really well and really happy with that start.