Round 1 Interview With:

Paul Casey

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. Paul, I thought you got that putt at 9 and thought, wow, it would be a three birdie finish. Almost. But that's still a good 2 under par you shot today.

PAUL CASEY: It was, yeah. I wanted to tie Rory because Rory got off to such a flyer start. I was floundering, making errors out there. So I thought if I could tie Rory, what a turn for the books that would have been.

But no, I was really happy the way I finished. I messed up three holes badly today and didn't recover on those three. So actually pretty happy with what I shot. It's tough scoring out there, tough going.

Q. The course looks like it's in spectacular shape. You hit 10 fairways, 11 greens. What in particular was not going right?

PAUL CASEY: Mostly the tee shots. You know, you have to drive it so well around here, and with the firmness, that makes the target smaller because the ball's running through the fairway. The pins as well, very difficult to get to.

I'm not a massive stats guy, but I'm sure if you checked kind of proximities to the hole for players, I'd say it would be bad this week or further from the hole from most events. Firmness of greens, the architecture plays a big role in that but adds to the excitement. The fans like it, and it highlights when somebody's playing really well, you can still get at this golf course, you can still make birdies. We saw that last year in the PGA Championship here. It's fun. I mean, what a great tournament this is. It's just enjoyable being out here.