Round 1 Interview With:

Kyle Stanley

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. (in progress) Birdies around that golf course and avoided any big mistakes, and that's a lot harder than it sounds around this golf course.

KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it's a tough one. I didn't realize I made seven, but yeah, I hit it really well today. Took advantage of the par 5s, which is probably something that you need to do out here. For the most part, I just kept it in front of me. I made a couple bogeys, but that's going to happen out here. So just a golf course you've got to be patient on. Coming off of three weeks off, I was -- no complaints.

Q. Were you a little surprised at how precise you were considering you had a three week layoff? That was a laser on the last -- ninth hole, your 18th -- that never left the flag on your approach.

KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I started to practice again last week and made a couple adjustments in my setup, and then things kind of started to click ball striking wise. Didn't really wasn't really too worried about how I was swinging coming in. Then my short game for the most part's been good, too. So yeah, overall I was happy with how I'm playing coming off a little break.

Q. Kyle, how would you assess your round out there?

KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I was happy with it. Seven birdies, a couple bogeys, which is going to happen out here. But overall I thought I hit it really well, and for the most part avoided, you know, making too many mistakes and kept it in front of me and was able to make a few putts.

Q. Is the key out here kind of keeping it in front of you, especially on a course that can jump up and bite you anywhere?

KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, you've just got to be patient. I mean, with some of the new greens, for the most part you have 15, 16 really difficult holes out here. So be patient and you're going to make a mistake or two over the course of the event, but eliminating those is going to be probably key. So overall I hit it well and really didn't get into trouble too often.