Round 1 Interview With:

Johnson Wagner

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. Johnson, that's a great opening round 67 and a tale of two nines, is that fair?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Absolutely. The back nine, my first nine today, I had a lot of birdies and some eagles and some bogeys, and then all pars and one birdie on the other side. But it's just the way this course goes. I think the back nine lends itself to making a few more birdies. And I didn't take advantage of a couple of the birdie holes on the front, but all in all, very solid. Didn't have too much work for pars out there on the front and I'm real happy.

Q. That was going to be my next question, how many putts did you have? I followed you for the last 13 holes. I was just curious because I thought you hit a bunch of putts that looked like they were going and just missed. You must have felt the same way?

JOHNSON WAGNER: I did. I hit good putts on 7, 8 and 9 finishing, for sure, and made a couple good par putts there on 6 and 8. But yeah, it was a solid day.

I play out here all the time and I can't remember the last time I shot 67 from the back tees. I have a few low rounds from the two birds and the three birds, but from those tips, it's a big boy course and I was happy to put one in there deep.

Q. Johnson, excellent start. Just get some comments on your round.

JOHNSON WAGNER: It was nice. I was a little nervous early, but settled down with a couple good pars, and then hit a beautiful shot into 13, made a nice birdie. Hit the best driver of my life on 14 to about four feet for eagle, and then chipped in for eagle on the next and kind of the nerves went away and I was just able to play some golf on my home course.

Q. What were the nerves kind of attributed to?

JOHNSON WAGNER: You know, I always put a lot of pressure on myself to play well here. I knew I was playing well, and got kind of a new move going with my golf swing that hadn't been tournament tested, so I was a little nervous on the first tee to see where it was going to go, and it went pretty straight and just, I don't know, just professional golf can be nerve wracking.

Q. What's the new move?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Just kind of getting on top of the ball. I tend to swing from the inside too much. I've fought my whole life on swinging left and getting on top of the ball, and I finally feel like I've got a pretty clear picture of how to do that. It's working out pretty good.

Q. You said it was a big boy course and you're happy with what you did from the tips?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Absolutely. You know, it's a long golf course. I play here a lot, and when it's firm like this, I feel like I can play with anybody out here just because I know the angles and I know where to hit it on the greens, but when it gets soft and long, that's when I struggle. But playing firm and fast, I really enjoy playing from back there.

Q. How often would you say you do play?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Here? It's my home course. I'm a member here so I play here, I don't know, if I'm on a week off, I play here four, five times a week.

Q. How many times would you say you've eagled 14 and 15?

JOHNSON WAGNER: I was playing with Shawn Stefani today and we were walking off 15 and he said, "How many times have you eagled both those holes consecutively?" Never from the back tees. Maybe once from like the senior tees in a member tournament, but not very often.

Q. Your son has a baseball game tonight?

JOHNSON WAGNER: At 5:30, yeah. I'm going to go hit a couple balls and head over there, probably catch him in the second.