Round 1 Interview With:

Geoff Ogilvy

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. Here with a guy who made his way to the first page of the leaderboard, nice 3 under 68. You hit 13 out of 18 greens, more than five strokes gained approach. I think your irons were dialed in.

GEOFF OGILVY: I mean, I holed my second shot on the first hole today, which was a bit of a bonus. I was yelling at it to get up, like an idiot, and it went in the hole. But a great way to start.

I hit the ball well. I've been hitting the ball pretty well, it's been coming. Just a couple of train wrecks every round to kind of do the damage, but I hit the ball well today. I had plenty of chances. It's really tricky if you get off track, so it's pretty important to be on the greens in the right place.

Q. Yeah, conditions looked very tough. For the viewers at home, just what was it like actually out there inside the ropes?

GEOFF OGILVY: Well, the greens are very firm. The rough is very doable, but you can get some flyers out of the rough. When you have firm greens and flyers, it's really hard to hit the green if you miss the fairway. So fairways are the priority. And if it's 170 to the pin, you're kind of trying to land it 155, 160 kind of, and we're not used to that. We generally play stuff that we can stop pretty quick, but it's bouncing around, and whenever you get that and a little bit of breeze, it makes it tricky.

Q. How are you going to carry this momentum over now to round No. 2?

GEOFF OGILVY: Well, I'll just keep trying to do the same thing. As I said, my golf swing's kind of coming along and I hit some pretty good putts today. I'm not going to hole 6 irons on the first hole every day, but I like where my game is. And I've generally played pretty well here at Quail, I've always kind of liked it here. So just come out bright and early and try to do it again.