Round 1 Interview With:

Aaron Wise

Thursday May 3, 2018

Q. Aaron your first time around here as a competitor in this event professionally and you're able to get six birdies. How did it happen out there?

AARON WISE: You know, everything was just kind of clicking. It's a tough golf course, don't get me wrong. You've got to do pretty much everything good here, it tests every part of your game. I feel like my game has just been solid for a while and it kind of showed today around a good golf course.

Q. Those closing holes - 16, 17 and 18 -- playing as the top three difficult holes on this course. You got around in even par. I bet you feel pretty good about that?

AARON WISE: Yeah, I actually got such a lucky break. I don't know if you guys caught it on 17. I pulled my shot and it was really close to going in the water, just stayed up. That kind of kept me going a little bit because that could have gone sideways. But like I said, there's a lot of hard holes. The finishing stretch here it is really difficult. I just hit a lot of good shots and got a couple balls up and down and saved it.

Q. What did you think of the playing conditions today? It appears that the wind every once in a while will kick up a little bit, but for the most part, pretty good scoring conditions?

AARON WISE: Yeah, pretty great. You know, it's a little gusty out there. There's some trees so the wind can swirl, but other than that, it was pretty favorable. They've got this course in as good of shape as it could be in. It's exactly how they want it and it will be a good test come the weekend.

Q. A lot of guys play their way out of a tournament on day one. 3 under is very much in this thing. Obviously you've got to be feeling confident after today, but now you've got to do it again tomorrow with a different tee time. How do you sleep on this one and get ready for tomorrow?

AARON WISE: Like I said, my game's felt good for a while, so I'm not really doing anything different. It's keep going with what I'm doing, practice this afternoon, get some rest and then come out tomorrow. It will be a little tougher with an afternoon tee time, wind will probably kick up a little bit, but just keep that in mind and go out there and play a good round.