Final Round Interview With:

Jason Day

Sunday May 6, 2018

Q. Jason, that was one great fight. You weren't going to lose this one, were you?

JASON DAY: No. Yeah, I felt like I went 10 rounds really just out there just fighting against myself. Aaron played tremendous golf coming in.

When I hooked the ball in the water on 14, I was sitting there and I started getting a little bit negative on myself with regards to what I tried to do. Luke had a big say into, you know, a kind of a kick in the butt, let's keep it moving forward, let's keep plugging along.

I didn't have the greatest day off the tee, and even into the greens, but I had a really good day on the greens and around the greens. So short game saved me the whole day today and it was key. You need a good short game in the final rounds to keep yourself somewhere there and be able to take the opportunities when I could was phenomenal, too.

Q. I know you were struggling a little bit like you mentioned off the tee, but how many putts did you hit coming down the stretch you thought were in and they stayed --

JASON DAY: Yeah, that's the thing. You're looking at 13 and 14, 15, 16 was a great putt, and then 17, and then obviously 18. So it was a lot of great putts just right on the border. There's a lot of positives coming out of this week going into next week. I need to do a little bit of work to try to tighten up the hitting a little bit, but I'm just excited that I've got No. 12 today.

Q. Before we let you go, just walk me through what you say to yourself to make a swing like that on 17 with a tournament on the line?

JASON DAY: Well, I hit 7-iron from however far it was and I can't believe -- I just watched the replay, it was 142 in the air and thinking if it comes down soft, it's going to get somewhere close because it was on a tremendous line. It hit just on the other side of the hill. I was just trying to land it into the up-slope and hit the other side of the hill and kicked forward. Hitting it to at least two, three feet and having that birdie putt up the hill was a pleasure. They're the things that you kind of work for and work towards. Coming down that stretch you needed a two-shot lead coming down at that last hole to kind of seal the deal.

Q. It was fun to watch. Congratulations. Two wins this cease, I think a big 2018 coming from Jason Day.

JASON DAY: Yeah, I hope so. This is just another win which I can, you know, chalk up. It's one of those tournaments that you always want to win here at the Wells Fargo and Charlotte. Two wins already and I'm looking for a major next. I'm just trying to get back to No. 1. The ultimate goal is to get back to No. 1. Got to keep getting the process down and check off those goals.

Q. You don't see people birdie the first two legs of the Green Mile, 16, 17. How were you able to elevate your game on the hardest part of the course?

JASON DAY: It was all set up for a good drive finally on 16. I just didn't have my driving today, didn't have my irons going to the greens. Good thing I had my short game around the greens and my putting was phenomenal. I got away with a good drive down there. It was a west, northwest, which is down off 16, hitting a driver over that. Finally hit a good one, had 108 yards or so into that green, left myself a 12-footer down the hill. That was a good quick start going on. I said to Luke, I said I'm going to birdie one of those next three. I ended up birdieing that one and obviously birdieing 17. You're not really trying to -- you're trying to get through there with par. But I hit a 7-iron from 200-something and kind of landed on the (inaudible) but kicked forward. Glad it hit, but just a really solid day.

Q. I like what you said earlier in the week, happy being uncomfortable.


Q. How uncomfortable are you right now?

JASON DAY: I'm fine now, I'm great now, but out there I was so uncomfortable. Like I said earlier, I was kind of battling demons there inside my head because you just -- the subconscious takes over when you're not hitting it that great and you don't know where the ball's going, have no confidence really in my ability to hit proper tee shots, I was just trying to keep it inside the treeline. Your subconscious takes over, you're saying you can't do it, you can't do it, and you're going to fail, you're going to fail. You somehow have to just get rid of those thoughts and just push forward. The character moments where you just kind of build and you get stronger from.