Final Round Interview With:

Aaron Wise

Sunday May 6, 2018

Q. You never know until you're actually in the moment how your nerves are going to react and you have a win and your first victory on the line. How were you feeling inside, and what does this do for you going forward?

AARON WISE: There were times where (inaudible) and there were times when I looked at the leaderboard and saw I was close. I've done a lot of work on the mental side and really was able to calm myself down.

Q. What a finish. Tell us about those up-and-downs, 17 and 18, to stay at 10 under par.

AARON WISE: They were pretty good.

Q. Yeah, they were.

AARON WISE: 17, you know, I had the post (inaudible) early on in the week which I've talked about, and today I actually really flushed the ball. I had to take a safe line because I still had those shots in the back of my head. Missed the green right and hit what I thought it was an incredible chip. It checked up a little short. And then to make that five-footer with about six, seven inches of break was pretty cool.

And then 18, I was in a tough spot in the pine straw. Great chip, that thing could have gone over so easily, and then rolled the putt in again. That was kind of what held me through this whole week, my short game, and I rolled the ball incredible all week long.

Q. What's it mean to you in your young career to contend at a championship like this here at the Wells Fargo Championship?

AARON WISE: It means the world. I'm going to gain so much confidence not only from being in contention, but being there at a place like this where you knew you were going to get a great champion. I knew I had to play incredible golf to be there and I was able to do it. And not only that, when the pressure was on, I kept my head about me and pulled off some incredible shots.

Q. Coming so close, your overall thoughts about your round today?

AARON WISE: I thought it was great. When I was thinking about it last night what could win this tournament, I had 12 in mind. Then I got out here and I was practicing earlier and the wind was up, it was gusty, and I dropped it back to 10. I thought if I got to 10, I would have a legitimate chance, and I got to 10. So mission accomplished for me in that regard.

But Jason Day played incredible. You know, I had a good chance at winning this one down the stretch, I thought I played great golf parring in on 16, 17, 18, birdieing 14, you know. I did a lot of great things. So I'm just taking a lot of positives out of this week.

Q. And your chips on 18, yesterday you holed out to save par, today another clutch chip to save par. Your thoughts about chipping under pressure like that?

AARON WISE: It was pretty good, you know? It's always been a strong suit of my game ever since I went to Oregon. Casey told me if you want to play the Tour, you've got to have a good short game. Ever since then I've really worked on it, and being out here you see that. You're not going to hit it perfect every day, but if you can save shots through chipping and putting, you're always going to be able to stick around and fight your way, and that's what I did, especially on those closing two holes. To get those balls up and down and give me a chance if Jason made a mistake was awesome.

Q. There was a lot of fluctuation there the last few holes, I think you were tied with Day and then it looked like you might go ahead, he birdied obviously 16 and 17. Were you aware of that, the situation on each hole, did you know what was happening?

AARON WISE: You know, I looked at it every now and again. I saw on 16 green that I was tied with him, I saw we were both at 10 and I had that putt for birdie. So I knew then, but I didn't know -- I didn't look at it again. I just kind of put my head down, focused. I knew I was close, I knew I had a chance and I had to play two hard holes after that and try and make some pars. So that was kind of where I was at.

Q. Those par putts, they were decent size for the pressure of the situation. What's the feeling like right before you're about to strike those. It's got to be a level of nerves that's new for you?

AARON WISE: You know, it really wasn't for me. I've gotten really good at visualizing and I use my eyes a lot in my process with my putting, and I think that helped a ton this week. Once I kind of did my routine, I kind of wiped the face off and I walked in. It was just like any other putt. I'm kind of really looking at the line, really getting focused. People talk about the process, but that's really what it was like, it was really just another putt.

Q. Did you impress yourself with the way you handled the pressure, especially coming down those last few holes?

AARON WISE: A few times, honestly, yeah. I look at a shot, one like 17, but two, you look at my up-and-down on 14 out of that right bunker on the downslope. That's a shot that you're going to pull off one out of five times practicing. You've got to put so much speed under it, really clip it perfectly and I did it under the gun, which is something you've just got to take so much confidence from. And in a way it did a little bit surprise me I was able to do it that well.

Q. How did you spend your night last night?

AARON WISE: Last night I left here. I went and got a decaf coffee from Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle. Went back, relaxed, talked to my girlfriend on the phone and watched the Cavs game, watched LeBron close that thing out, so that was pretty sweet.

Q. (No microphone.)

AARON WISE: A little bit. Me and my caddie actually talked about it. We made the turn going to 10, it's that crunch time, it's like second half with LeBron. It's an attitude you have to carry with yourself that you can get it done and I was able to do that today.