Round 3 Interview With:

Rickie Fowler

Saturday May 5, 2018

Q. Rickie, very good round. Sorry to open with this, but can you talk about 17?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah. I mean, I was trying to make the first putt. It ran out a little bit more than I thought it would and didn't expect to have that much coming back. I've been hitting putts perfectly all day, hitting my lines. I tugged it a little bit. I didn't expect it to move that much. I was basically playing the high line and trying to just dive it. Like I said I just tugged it.

I probably -- I mean, for the most part I always mark anything outside of basically tap-in range. I was a little frustrated with that, figured I would kick that one in. A little mental mistake there. But that reinforces why I go ahead and mark the short ones that are outside basically tap-in range.

That's golf. I mean, unfortunate. Obviously I don't want that to happen on the 53rd hole of a tournament, but we'll see where these guys finish up for today.

I feel like we've done a good job this week after three weeks off managing our way around, continuing to move forward and putting ourselves in a position to win. We can definitely tighten things up and we'll be in a good spot tomorrow and definitely in a good spot for next week.

Q. I'm guessing you've never had a four-putt on Tour?

RICKIE FOWLER: Oh, yeah, I've had a four-putt.

Q. Can you remember the last one?

RICKIE FOWLER: I don't remember the last one. Usually I try not to, but I know it's happened. Actually, no, four-putted at Houston.

Q. Just a couple weeks ago?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, yeah. The greens got -- it was a different situation. The greens were getting quick, crusty, and I was in a really flat area and just kind of played hockey for a little bit.

Q. Can you talk about --

RICKIE FOWLER: So maybe it's a good omen we had a good week after Houston.

Q. You've played this golf course well in both conditions, PGA and this week. Do you have a preference for one or the other?

RICKIE FOWLER: I would probably prefer more of the PGA setup. I feel like it separates guys a little bit more. You know, driving was a bit more of a premium with the bermuda rough, which has been nice. I've made birdies out of the rough this week, a lot of guys have. I mean, the rough is very playable this week. The greens are maybe a little -- today they were softer, but the first two days they were firmer than what we saw at the PGA.

But I thought the PGA setup definitely separated guys a bit more based on driving and ball-striking.

Q. At 17, is that almost easier to shake off than a bad approach shot just because it seems so stupid?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah. I mean, it put a little pressure on the putt on 18; I wanted to make sure I hit a good one, and then didn't want to have whole lot to work with for the par putt if I did miss.

But yeah, you would rather make good shots. You know, I hit a great first putt. I know and I feel like I'm one of the best putters out here. It's going to happen at some point. Good thing it's not the final round and we'll go -- I feel like I'll play well tomorrow. I've been driving it well pretty much all week and irons tightened up a little bit today. Everything's been kind of getting better and better each day. We'll just go get a few more than we did today.

Q. The way you played today, do you feel like you have a low one in you tomorrow?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah. It will depend on what they do with the golf course. If they keep it similar to (no microphone) to actually get at some pins and take advantage of the golf course when you were in the fairway and can control the ball. The first two days, even if you were in the fairway, it was tough to get to some pins with how firm they were.

You saw this morning Peter went out and got after the golf course, and that was there, but someone can still go out and shoot 74, 75 just as easily. It's not an easy golf course, by no means. So Peter obviously put together a great round of golf and I feel like there's -- Phil was up there, too, with 64. So if the conditions stay similar, I don't think we're supposed to get a whole lot of wind, there will be a few more low ones as well tomorrow.