Round 3 Interview With:

Peter Uihlein

Saturday May 5, 2018

Q. With a guy who put together the round of the tournament so far, Peter Uihlein, just lighting up this leaderboard early with a 62. How were you able to take it so low on a calm day?

PETER UIHLEIN: The course is set up kind of a little bit easier than it was the first two days, for sure. The greens seem to be a bit softer. (Inaudible).

Q. Your career low on the PGA TOUR now with that 62. Describe what it was like being in that zone.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, the way this golf course is, you're trying to almost get through the first six holes. I had a really nice shot on 5, a good shot at 6, and then after that I felt 7 through 15 is kind of where you can get after it here. I felt that was a good stretch. Made two really good swings on 10 to make eagle.

Q. Peter, cruising along through the first four holes par, par, par, par, and then 7 under over the next six holes. Talk about that stretch, including an eagle at 10.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, the way the golf course was set up today, it felt like you can get after it a bit. With the conditions being overcast and no wind, it definitely feels it played a little bit easier than it did the first two days. The first two days felt like a U.S. Open.

So today, you know, with the greens a bit softer and it seemed like the flags were a little bit more accessible, and I was able to make a good birdie on 5 and 6 and then just kind of keep the pedal down from there because those are the holes -- after I think 7 through about 15 are the holes you can really attack out here. So it was nice to get some early.

Q. What's it like to be in that zone when everything's going in?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, you just -- you can't mess up, can you? Anything you can do, you don't feel like you can mess up. Yeah, you almost just try to get out of your own way and just kind of let it play its course and just keep the pedal down and keep playing aggressive.

Q. And going into tomorrow, now all of a sudden you play with a chance to win a golf tournament, too?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, that's the goal, isn't it, on a Saturday when you're lying 50th or whatever is you've almost just got to give yourself a chance somehow to get back into a tournament. Yeah, I was able to do that today, which is nice. Hopefully the guys don't get too far ahead. I think you're going to see some guys go pretty low again this afternoon, so hopefully they don't get too screaming too far ahead that I can't get to chase them down tomorrow.

Q. Peter, incredible stretch there on 5 through 10, incredible round. Just get some comments.

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, it was nice. Yeah, I feel like the first six holes out here are pretty tough. You're almost just trying to ease your way into the round a little bit and it doesn't really allow you. You've got some strong holes, 1, 2, 3 and 4 are brutal. So to get through those even par felt pretty good. Made two nice -- or a good wedge on 5 and a good swing on 6 to make bird, and then after that I feel like you can get after the course a little bit. So I was able to kind of keep the pedal down and stay aggressive, which was nice.

Q. What did you hit on 10?


Q. What are you thinking starting out the day, just try to move up a little bit? Obviously I don't know if you're really thinking 62, right?

PETER UIHLEIN: No. When you tee off as early as I did, you don't really know. There's no scores out there, so you're just kind of trying to be aggressive, I guess. You're lying 50th, you might as well try and blitz it a little bit and I was able to do that. They set up the golf course pretty -- a lot easier than they did the first few days, and plus it helped that it wasn't windy and the greens were a lot softer today than what they had been so you felt like you could get after it.

Q. Did you realize coming in that the lowest round here was a 61 by Rory? Did you know that coming in on 18?

PETER UIHLEIN: No. Didn't he win shooting 61 on Sunday?

Q. He had 62 on Sunday, 61 on --

PETER UIHLEIN: Oh, is that what he did? I knew he blitzed it and shot -- I guess that was pre-course change, though, wasn't it?

Q. Did you feel like your game was progressing by having a day like this?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, although my scores haven't really showed it, I've been playing pretty good. I've been playing really good at home, which it's obviously different on the road, but I feel like I've been playing nice. It was a fine line, especially out here, between it feels like 62 or 72, 73. First couple days I played all right. It just played really, really difficult and I was totally okay shooting level par, 1 over, whatever. But with the conditions being softer today and moving day, I felt like I needed to get after it and I was able to do that.

Q. Do you find any humor in getting drug tested after a score like that?


Q. Irony?

PETER UIHLEIN: Yeah, it's totally ironic. First low round of the year, I feel like, and I have to go piss in a cup.

Q. The glove under the armpit, is that always part of the pre-shot routine or are you trying to fix something?

PETER UIHLEIN: No. I started that last December when I started working with my coach, Justin Parsons. It's just more for connection because, if anything, I get loose and get a little armsy. So it's good for me to feel that way to keep my body rotating and more connection going back.