Round 3 Interview With:

Nick Watney

Saturday May 5, 2018

Q. Nick, four birdies your last six holes, a great round. One bad hole today, that was 10, but you put yourself in great position for Sunday. Your thoughts on how you played today?

NICK WATNEY: I played great. Got off to a nice start, which is the first five holes here are pretty stout so I was a couple under through there. Really going along great, and then got a little greedy on my, you know, basically a chip-out on 10 and made a mess of that. But I knew that I was doing a lot of good things, just had to stay the course. I was able to make some birdies there around 14, 15, I felt like you could get a couple there, but definitely a bonus to birdie the last.

Q. What's changed since the slow start on Thursday? You've had back-to-back really good rounds.

NICK WATNEY: You know, I actually played pretty well on Thursday overall. I missed a few maybe 10- or 12-footers that would have changed things, and made a really sloppy double on the sixth hole, my 15th, and I feel like this course can do that. You know, it's a very fine line around here. Not a lot has changed, just a little bit more efficient.

Q. You've played here a number of years. In fact, you had a couple of top-10s in 2012 and '13. I know they've made some changes here, but are you comfortable on this golf course? Seems like you like this place.

NICK WATNEY: I do, I really like the golf course, I like the city, I enjoy coming here. I think it's one of the best events we have. So the course for sure will keep your attention and I'm just -- I'm thrilled to be in good shape and I'm really looking forward to the challenge tomorrow.

Q. Nick, you had a very good round out there especially after the double bogey. What did you kind of tell yourself after the 10th hole to get yourself to make four birdies coming in?

NICK WATNEY: I just kind of tried to gather myself and I didn't really -- as odd as it sounds, I didn't -- it was more just I got greedy. I was chipping out, I hit it too far. I didn't hit any terrible shots. I was kind of right up against the tree, I had to take an unplayable. It wasn't a disaster where I hit it off the planet or anything like that. I just tried to stay the course and feel like I'm putting great and just trying to get myself as many chances as possible. Hit some really good bunker shots on 14, 15, and then I played 18 as good as I can play it there on the last. So, you know, I'm very excited for tomorrow.

Q. Excited to kind of get yourself back into contention? Obviously the back injury a couple years ago. First off, how is everything kind of going with that? And second, kind of getting back in contention kind of feels good?

NICK WATNEY: Yeah, my back is great actually. I got a -- I worked with a guy that helped me a ton, AST there in Austin. I've had no nerve symptoms for a couple years now.

To get back in contention, you know, that's why I play golf. I'm super, super excited. I feel like I've been doing a lot of good things. Been driving the ball great for a while now, just haven't really been taking advantage of it. So just feel like I'm just building and building. Tomorrow will be another step. Obviously I would love for something great to happen, but I played really well today. That's a step in the right direction. I'm just going to try to embrace everything that comes with tomorrow and hope I have a chance down the last.