Round 3 Interview With:

Aaron Wise

Saturday May 5, 2018

Q. How would you describe it out there?

AARON WISE: Up and down. I mean, a lot of good shots, got in some bad spots, but overall, just felt like I grinded it out and that's all you can do out here. It's a tough golf course. Shot something under par so I've got that.

Q. What's the biggest takeaway, that at least you're staying within shouting distance of where Jason's at?

AARON WISE: Yeah, that chip on 18 was huge, I'm sure everybody saw it. I was just in a tough spot and didn't really know what to do. Committed to hitting that ball and went under it and had to hit it again. Just tricky.

But to get out of there with a bogey, I don't think I could have gained any more momentum from a shot, so that chip was awesome and it will carry me into tomorrow.

Q. (Question about the Green Mile.)

AARON WISE: Yeah, played a lot tougher today because the first couple days we carried that bunker on 16, go way down there. 17 wasn't so into. And then 18's downwind, so that's not terrible. But it played tougher today, it got me a little bit, but I'm just looking forward to a great day tomorrow. It's going to be perfect weather again.

Q. You clearly thought about playing the ball on the other side of the hazard. Why did you opt to play it in the hazard? And once you missed the first one, did you think to yourself, I made a mistake?

AARON WISE: Maybe that thought crosses your head. I was looking at it. If I dropped on the other side, it was going to kick back into the rough anyway and be in a really bad spot. The rough was kind of going away and it would have been a really hard up-and-down. Because of that, I thought I could hit it from where I was over the green like I did the second time and have an easier shot.

So that was kind of my thought process. I mean, obviously it didn't work out. I went under it the first time, but then it was sitting nice the second time.

Q. If it had kicked in the rough, would you have been able to play it?

AARON WISE: No, because there was a good amount of rough before the hazard line so it would have kicked in short of the hazard line and it would have been a tough spot.

Q. That takes some mental toughness, though, after you kind of whiff and then to get up and down in 2 and not let it distract you?

AARON WISE: Yeah, it was just a tough spot. I've been through a ton of adversity in my life, it's just another one of those things. Right before I hit that last chip, my caddie said, stay focused, don't let it get to you, and that's all I could do. I was focused on that shot, I did. It went in and I gained a lot of momentum.

Q. Sleep a lot better probably after making that shot?

AARON WISE: Yeah, that was going to be a devastating hole, so to turn it into a bogey, I don't know what am I, 3 back maybe? It gives me a good shot tomorrow.

Q. Could you go through some of that adversity what you're talking about specifically?

AARON WISE: You know, just stuff. We moved over from South Africa when I was a kid. We didn't have much, kind of started from nothing. I went through a stretch in golf where I wasn't doing well. I actually took up tennis because golf wasn't -- it's just been a lot of things I've had to go through.

Even like it was a little sign of it there on 16 when I hit that 4-iron in the bunker. It rolled up the hill and came back into its plug mark, which is just a brutal break, too.

So I got some bad breaks there. To turn 16 and 18 after the breaks that I got into two bogeys and give myself a shot tomorrow is all I can ask for.

Q. Aaron, I wanted to ask, I read a story from two years ago when you were playing a practice round with Phil and you were saying his main advice is be patient, you've got a long time in this game. So I want to ask broadly, how do you feel so far about how your career's going, your trajectory, do you feel good still about having turned pro when you did?

AARON WISE: Yeah, absolutely. I thought it was a great idea, a great decision looking back. It's pretty crazy to see myself where I am now. I was playing high school golf four years ago. It's pretty insane. It's a ton to handle at my age, but I think I've done a great job. I'm learning.

And what Phil told me was great advice. It's very easy to try to push and push and push because you want everything now. You've kind of got to realize if you're going to play good golf, you're going to be around for 20-plus years on this tour, so I don't need to force it, I've got plenty of time. That's helped me through this year, because even at the beginning of this year I didn't do great. I haven't been playing incredible. It's just helped me stay patient and realize that my time's going to come eventually.

Q. You seem to have won at every level going back the last few years, I'm sure when you were younger, too. Obviously tomorrow's going to be different for certain obvious reasons like THE PLAYERS. But what can you take from having been in the winner's circle on the Canadian Tour, on the Web and everything like that, what can you bring to that tomorrow? Will this be your first real shot to like win a tournament, a PGA TOUR event?

AARON WISE: Yeah, it is. I was in the second-to-last group way back when I was playing on a sponsor's exemption, but that was on Saturday, not on Sunday. So it will being totally different. It will be a first experience for me.

But to your point, it's a golf tournament at the end of the day and I've won many, many, many of those throughout my career. I've just got to think of it like that. Try to tune out some of the other stuff that goes on out here and just play it like it's a golf tournament and I'm trying to win it.