Round 2 Interview With:

Tiger Woods

Friday May 4, 2018

Q. Tiger, you were finally able to roll one in on the last on one of your worst putting days statistically since 2012. What do you attribute that to?

TIGER WOODS: I was struggling with the speed. Greens were a little bit slower and I (inaudible) most of them today.

Q. Is this kind of out of left field given how well you've putted this season, having back-to-back days like this?

TIGER WOODS: Not really, not when the greens are like this. I'm not used to -- my feels aren't used to greens at this pace. I feel more comfortable on faster greens. I've had ample time to make the adjustment and I just haven't. I haven't felt comfortable hitting the putts as hard as we have to hit them this week.

Q. So what's going to be the key then assuming, if you see the lead, you're right on the cut number now, to try to turn things around?

TIGER WOODS: Well, it's called work. I have to go work on it, fix it, and try to get a little more hit in my stroke.

Q. Tiger, we saw your reaction after making that birdie putt there at the 9th. Did it take 36 holes to truly figure out the greens for you?

TIGER WOODS: No, no. I'm on a hot streak right now, I made the last putt.

No, I've struggled. I've struggled with the greens being as slow as they are. Today I tried to make sure I hit the putts harder and I kept pulling them. My feels just aren't matching up with the speed of these greens. I've got to do some more work. I've had ample time to make the adjustment to hit the putts, hit them that much harder, and I'm just struggling hitting them that hard.

Q. How satisfying, though, to make the cut, play the weekend here at Quail Hollow Club?

TIGER WOODS: I've hit it good enough to be right up next to that lead. If I just putt normal, I'm right there. I'm hitting it fine and I just need to make some putts. Hopefully, this weekend I'll hit it the way I've been hitting it and get a hot putter on the weekend. You never know.

Q. Tiger, it happens once in a while, but what's your frustration level at?

TIGER WOODS: It normally happens on slower greens. I've always putted faster greens well, and slower greens I've always kind of struggled. This is no different. As I said earlier, I've had ample time to make the adjustment, I just haven't. I'm struggling with putting that much hit in my stroke to hit it that much harder. I've just got to be able to do it.

Q. You hinted at this or you mentioned this yesterday, but would it be way worse if you weren't hitting the ball well?

TIGER WOODS: Yes. Well, I would be down the road. I've hit it well enough to be right next to that lead, and if I can just putt -- literally, if I just putt normal, I'm probably 5 or 6 under par. I've missed so many putts. Putts I missed yesterday, I was blocking them, trying to hit them the right pace. Today, I was pulling them, trying to hit them harder, try to put more hit in my stroke and release the toe of my putter and I just wasn't doing it right today.

Q. Were they any different than they were Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you know, I struggled on Tuesday and Wednesday trying to hit putts that much harder. I didn't expect it because when I played here, they've been quick. And the guys last year who played the PGA were telling me how quick they are and how slippery they were, but this is a different time of year obviously than it is in August.

Q. (No microphone.)

TIGER WOODS: They normally cut the greens and make them faster, but they're just not quick. They're firm. And that's not a combo that you find very often where they're firm and a little bit on the slower side, so just got to make the adjustments.

Q. (Question about frustration.)

TIGER WOODS: Well, I certainly was frustrated, there's no doubt about that. I missed so many putts, but I've got to put it behind me and move on to the next one and hit the next shot with just as much commitment. And I did that all day and, unfortunately, I didn't make anything until the last hole.

Q. How much of this can be attributed to the fact that maybe these greens aren't exactly familiar?

TIGER WOODS: They are much different than what we play. They're slower. Certainly some of the greens have more slope, other greens weren't even here. For me, I just can't believe how long this golf course has become since we -- well, since I last played it. They made some adjustments and made this golf course more difficult, harder, longer, and you can see why they hosted a PGA here.

Q. If you're standing over that last one there, are you figuring it's either here or not here for the weekend?

TIGER WOODS: I figured that it was just outside left. Those two missed it left and that's all I was committed to, to understanding that putt wasn't going to break. Whether it was for the cut or not, I was just committed to that putt wasn't going to break. Those two showed me that the putt hangs, the wind's coming off the right so it's going to hold it up a little bit more, and I trusted it and I hit it and I made it.

Q. Why do you think so long ago can still be such a factor in your thinking? In other words, you haven't played here for a long time and yet you're still reverting back to those tournaments from all that long ago.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I remember a lot of my putts I've hit from years ago, sometimes even over a decade ago. I can remember putts on certain greens and what they do, tendencies, especially in practice and at home, remembering the putts I would have to certain pins, going through the golf course in my head. I remember all those. So when they change greens, I putt a lot on memory. I have a pretty decent memory.

Q. It's hurt you at times, right, when courses have made those changes?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I've struggled a little bit here and there on certain courses until I got the feel of it. But this week is a combo that I'm just not -- I don't know, ask most of the guys out here. They're not really familiar with when they're springy, firm but a little on the slower side. That's not what you would expect. If you feel -- when you're walking on the greens as I'm feeling on my feet, the greens are firm but they're just not rolling out.

Q. (No microphone.)

TIGER WOODS: Right now I'm just going to go do some work and try and get some more hit in the stroke. Trust that the greens aren't that quick and I have to trust it. I have to trust what I keep telling myself, but my feels are telling me one thing.