Round 2 Interview With:

Rickie Fowler

Friday May 4, 2018

Q. Rickie, you got to red numbers for the weekend, 2 under today. Your thoughts on how you played in the second round?

RICKIE FOWLER: I feel like we kept moving forward well today. I knew it was going to be tough to post a good one today, but just to make sure we had a tee time on Saturday was probably the main goal after not finishing off yesterday's round and taking advantage of some holes out here. Need to play 14 and 15 a bit better. Currently I think, what would I be, 2 over; parred them today and bogeyed them yesterday. Those are holes where they give you a chance and you need to take advantage of that, so need to take care of those on the weekend. I'm happy with the way we hung around. Nice to get up and downs, make a couple putts today and drove it really well. So I'm excited for having a tee time tomorrow.

Q. Some of the guys said yesterday afternoon like when you played that the winds got a little squirrely out there. What was it like out there today? Did the winds pick up a little bit more for you?

RICKIE FOWLER: It picked up. They were blowing a little bit more. Kind of our back nine they were blowing probably a little harder than what we saw yesterday. Yesterday, they were a little gusty and they were kind of moving around from different directions. Sometimes you would kind of be -- they were just moving probably, if you looked at two to three hours on a clock, kind of just back and forth. Sometimes you would get wind into or just off the left or maybe a little help, so it was tough to pick the right club. Today, I felt like it was a little bit more out of the same direction, didn't jump around as much. But like I said, it picked up, probably blew a little harder our back nine than it did yesterday.

Q. I thought with the major we had here a year ago, people would look at it like it would be easier course conditions for you guys. This is just a tough golf course, isn't it?

RICKIE FOWLER: It is. I mean, the greens are firmer, but they're slower. Obviously we don't have nearly as much rough. We're playing the course a little bit shorter than what we played in the PGA. All in all, I would say it's playing a little easier. You can get away with a little bit more. You can get away with not driving it great and still get it around. But with the greens being so firm, it makes it tough to control the golf ball coming into it.

Q. A quick assessment of your round and thoughts out there today?

RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, it's a good, solid day. Drove it really nice all day, which is a big help around here. Gave myself a lot of opportunities, was able to take advantage of some. I still need to play 14 and 15 better going into the weekend. Happy with the way we drove it, made things a lot easier from there in. Made some great up and downs and a nice to birdie at the last, going into the weekend in red numbers.

Q. How does the course compare to conditions from last year?

RICKIE FOWLER: The course is good. I don't think there's really other than the year that we lost the greens, typically this place is one of the better conditioned courses we play all year. The greens are a bit slower than what we're used to here, but they're a lot firmer than a typical Thursday, Friday here. They're a little bit more like a Sunday afternoon.

So I'm sure they'll keep them around the way they are right now. It would be nice to see them speed up a little bit just so you get the ball collecting and moving on the green like you're used to with approach shots.

But it's playing a little easier than what the PGA was, not near as much rough and definitely a difference between bermuda and the rye. You can get away with a little bit more, but with the greens being so firm, it definitely makes it tough getting close to the hole.

Q. That conversation with Justin and using your putter, were you guys just putting around or something?

RICKIE FOWLER: No. JT asked me after the round yesterday, he had already left but asked me if I had any more backups with me, and I typically carry for sure one, if not two of them. I have one that's an identical replica of what I use and one that's just a slightly bit more rounded. That was the one he ended up grabbing and liked it.

I think he just wanted to have -- he putts with a Newport style as well at home and has putted with one, so it's not a complete change. But no, he came out and wanted to hit some with it this morning. I didn't actually see him until about 10 minutes before our tee time and he said he was going with it. I told him after he hit his first tee shot, "Well, you're kind of stuck now." So it was good to see him roll it better with it. I thought he made some good strokes out there. I never want to get in the way of his putting or whatever he's doing, but we always try and help each other out. Like I said, I thought he made a lot better strokes today than he did yesterday. He had a couple that he made, hit a little softer than he wanted to, the one at the last and on 6, but it was good to see him making some better strokes.

Q. Are you letting him keep it?

RICKIE FOWLER: Keep it? Well, he only lives a few hundred yards down the street, so it won't be too far away. But if he keeps making putts, I might have to take it back. I'm not sure if I want (inaudible.) But no, we'll see what he does. I know he goes back and forth sometimes, hits some with the Newport style head. If he wants to keep using it, keep using it, but he's stuck with having my name on the back of it.