Round 2 Interview With:

Johnson Wagner

Friday May 4, 2018

Q. Johnson, that is an interesting back nine, but still solid day. Before we get into the round today, first important question, how did your son's baseball game go?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, they ended up losing by 1. I got there for the bottom half of the last inning and it was a barnburner. We had the bags full and couldn't quite get that last run in to tie it, but it was a good game.

Q. That was partly my fault because you spoke to us last night, so thank you for that.

Again, roller coaster day, a little bit different than yesterday. What kind of sparked that on the back nine? Kind of make one, give one back, back and forth.

JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, I kind of hit it out of position on 11. It was a little past the hole. It was just real fast. And didn't hit a very good six footer for par, but then made a couple really nice putts on 10 and 12, poor chip on 13, but then a great up and down on 14 for birdie. It's just the way this course goes. The wind's kind of all over the place. I think you're going to see a lot of bogeys out there. It's just firm, fast, the greens are challenging, and I'm all in all happy with even par today.

Q. I was just going to say before we let you go, assume the course is going to play like that, which I think we all agree, you must be happy with your position heading into the weekend?

JOHNSON WAGNER: Absolutely. You know, near the lead, playing late Saturday in my home tournament, I couldn't be happier.

Q. You mentioned the winds. Was it more of a factor today than it was yesterday?

JOHNSON WAGNER: It was bouncing around a little bit yesterday, but today it seemed like it was blowing a little stronger and bouncing more and more. I mean, 17 it was helping, it was hurting, it was helping, it was hurting. And it did the same on 18 and pretty much the whole back nine. If the wind stays up, it's going to be a tough test this afternoon.

Q. How were the greens today? Were they a little bit faster or slower than it was yesterday?

JOHNSON WAGNER: No, they were pretty similar to yesterday. They were a little dewy this morning so they were a little slow early, but once the moisture got out of them they were running real nice.