Round 2 Interview With:

Jason Day

Friday May 4, 2018

Q. Jason, a really good round out there. Get some comments?

JASON DAY: Yeah, I mean, it was a nice solid start again. I didn't do anything too crazy at the start but just kind of kept myself in it if I missed a green. Missed it in some nice spots. Bunker play's been great this week, and birdieing 7 and 8 again was key to get things moving forward. And then obviously the eagle helped on 10 with that bunker shot. And then a little unfortunate that I bogeyed 11 with the position that I was in because there's only 108 yards. I just didn't really think that the wind was going to affect it that much when I hit the shot. Kind of got beat up pretty good in the wind and pulled up short. I watched Tiger this morning hit from there and it was a difficult up-and-down. I wish I could have birdied 14 and 15, but to birdie 17 was nice, and finish with a par was good.

Q. Can you talk about No. 10, the eagle?

JASON DAY: Yeah, so I mean, Daniel was saying like it's to the point where I'm taking my hands off the club with the drive. I said, those drives aren't that bad, they're just a little bit off center. I'm being really picky with them and it goes down the center and I have a 3-iron.

I just knew that if anything, I need to stay on the left-hand side of that green. When I got up there I was kind of in the front left part of the bunker on the downslope. I'm like, this is perfect because if you're in the up-slope, you're trying to kind of fat one up there. I just had to catch it clean. Landed on my spot perfectly and just kind of rolled around nicely into the hole. That was a good eagle.

I mean, holed one out last week at Zurich as well from the bunker and my bunker play's been really, really good this year.

Q. What did you hit on 17?

JASON DAY: 7-iron. It's so hot out there right now the ball's flying forever.

Q. What was it playing?

JASON DAY: What was it playing? I think it was like 195 yards. I think it was right around 195 yards. My 7-iron goes about 190, 195. I just didn't know if that wind was either quartering in or just dead across. So I just took a little bit off the 7 knowing that watching Phil do what he did with the shot previous, so just kind of stuck it out to the right side, let it draw back and give myself a chance.

I was saying to Kurt Byrum out there, the driving's been great out there, the chipping and the putting's been good. I was saying yesterday just the iron play just needs to tighten up. I think once that starts to happen, then things are going to switch pretty quickly.

And it was good to be able to come to a golf course like this where I know it's very difficult. I think everyone else is obviously having a tough time with it, too. It's a major championship golf course so you've got to come out and be patient with yourself and take your chances when you get them.

Q. What's your fix in the iron play?

JASON DAY: Practice. I mean, this is my third tournament with a new set. I'm still trying to get used to the actual flight trajectory of them, the actual bounce and spin as well because it's a total different look. I obviously won with the old set at Torrey this year and it's just a total different trajectory and spin so I've also got to get used to that. I've also got to practice. I think just do a little bit more grinding, get on top of that and get the proximity close to hit more greens. With my putting I feel like I can go out there and win every week.

Q. Jason, you haven't typically played here. Did the PGA convince you, is that what brought you back?

JASON DAY: Yeah, I know that I've had some decent finishes here, but the PGA definitely kind of tipped it over the edge. I know that I can play well here because of how difficult the golf course is. When I realized last week, you know, we're coming into a week like this where it's 80 to 85 degrees, hot. They had some good rain the week prior to that, the course is going to be in perfect condition how the grass has come in. You've just got to come out and try and get yourself -- plot yourself around the golf course.

For me, I'm able to take some advantage with my driving. Probably didn't drive it as good as I hoped to today, but didn't get myself in bad positions. It was just off the fairway here and there and got myself back in position pretty quick.

Q. Jason, at an average tournament Thursday through Sunday, is there a day where it's hardest to keep your focus in general or are they all the same to you?

JASON DAY: I think it gets gradually harder and harder the further you're away from the lead. When you're close to the lead, then everything tightens up. You know that you've got a chance, you're trying to focus, you're doing all the right things. When you're at the back of the pack, you're trying to make it through.

It's weird because you'll go, and if you're on the cut line, you kind of focus when it comes to Friday when like everything picks back up because you're trying to make it to the weekend. But yeah, there's some lulls, and that's why we talk about momentum. I don't think momentum's more so about the shots that you hit, I think it's just like a lack of concentration that happens out on the golf course when you're playing and you're just not quite on because it's very difficult to play -- to stay on every shot for 72 holes. So that's the biggest thing is, you know, through those times, just trying to stay focused. But yeah, I mean, there could be -- first or second rounds there could be moments, and then Sunday there could be moments as well, but it just depends if you're on the cut line or you're right next to the lead.