Round 2 Interview With:

Charl Schwartzel

Friday May 4, 2018

Q. At the halfway point, comfortable position to be in, I would think?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, very. Started playing well last week and carried it over into this week. This golf course is a lot tougher than what we had last week, but I'm just hitting really good quality golf shots.

Q. What have you been doing better the last two weeks?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I don't know, you know. Struggling for eight months, it's got to turn around somewhere. You know, I've been working on my swing trying to change it not change it, just get it back to where it was '13, '11, '12, where I thought I played well the last two years. It's just gone into positions where it's very difficult for me to deliver it consistently. So the last sort of three months, four months has been hard work for me.

I'm getting very comfortable with it, and last week playing with Louie, you know, we've played so much golf together and I played very poorly on Friday morning, the first nine holes. He came to me and he said, you know, everything is just really quick. Everything looks good, it's just very quick. It made a lot of sense to me and I sort of tried to slow it down and it felt really comfortable. So it turned for me and I basically started swinging the club much better.

Q. That could be a nice little bonus, couldn't it, Brandon having a baby?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: The Brandon story, we decided with Louie we were going to play in December already.

Q. When did Brandon come into the picture?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I don't know. Maybe because he played with him last year. But I'm older than Brandon and Brandon was not going to play with (inaudible.)

Q. You started on 10 today and you finished 15, 16, 17, 18 in 3 under par. When you get through that stretch of holes making birdies like that, it can only be a springboard to the rest of your round?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, for sure. Those holes are some of the toughest holes we play out here on Tour. Yesterday I made a mess of them from really good positions. Three putted on 16 and basically three putted on 18 from the fringe. But today was great, good tee shots on all of them and made a really nice putt on 16. Anytime you can just par through those holes, it's good, but 2 under, you're gaining a lot of shots.

Q. You're going off late tomorrow, you've got the advantage to that. Doesn't seem like the greens will be tracked up or anything because it seems they're firm and fast and seems like they're holding pretty well?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, they're not holding the ball very well. Very firm, and I don't think there's much difference between the morning and afternoon. In the afternoon I find that the ball goes a little further, so maybe there's a slight advantage to get shorter clubs into the greens. But the course is tough. You've got to be very wary.

Q. When you said a minute ago all the hard work, what exactly does hard work mean? Does that mean time in practice or time without seeing results and frustration and dealing with it?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Yeah, lots of time, lots of frustration, lots of setbacks, a lot of doubt.

Q. What's the worst of those, or the hardest?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: Hard work's probably the easy part. We're grinding away but it's not getting results, and starting to doubt whether you're going to play well, that's hard.

Q. Was the quickness that he was talking about not just tempo, but also maybe like demeanor?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL: I think it's anxiousness because you're changing. You haven't played well, so your confidence is not very high. You get a little anxious and the change of direction is just a little quicker than what it would be on the range, because in practice rounds and range, you're just swinging with the club at probably a softer pace than what you are when you're playing under the gun.