Round 2 Interview With:

Aaron Wise

Friday May 4, 2018

Q: With the guy who's been able to fire a pair of 68's to open up the Wells Fargo, Aaron Wise. Aaron, same score but how are they different rounds?

AARON WISE: Yeah, they were totally different. I actually felt like I was more in control yesterday, and today my iron game got a little bit off. I hit a couple pulls like you saw there on 18, and when I was kind of trying to hit them easy, chip them a little bit under the wind, I just pulled them. The course is playing tough. I felt like I managed everything well, left myself in easy spots to get it up and down and was able to do that and capitalize and kind of save this round a little bit.

Q. You started on the back nine, you were able to go 1 under at the Green Mile, you go out in 32. How were you able to kind of attack that nine hole stretch? We didn't see a lot of numbers like that.

AARON WISE: Yeah, that set up my day. I actually felt like I left a couple out there on the back nine. To get through 16, 17, 18 1 under, like you said, was huge. There's some scorable holes; 10 through 15 I would say is a key part of this golf course. I said it yesterday, too. There's three legit birdie chances in there and there's not many of them on this golf course, so you've got to take advantage of those. I felt like I did that and then played well on the hard stretch.

Q. Aaron, five birdies on there, fantastic second round. How have you been able to string together a couple of 68s on this layout?

AARON WISE: It's huge, this course is tough. They've made some changes and there's no easy holes out there. It's playing really hard. The weather's been amazing, so they've got it exactly where they want it. The greens are firm, fast, the rough's perfect. It's just a good test all around. Shooting two 68s I felt like it was good and a solid start.

Q. At one point in your second nine, which was the front nine, you got it to 7 under. How hard is it to keep it around that figure as you went around those first nine holes here at Quail Hollow Club?

AARON WISE: Yeah, it was tough. I got to 7 and had 7 and 8 still left, which are two birdie chances. I felt like I could try to get it to 8 under, that was my goal. Came up a little bit short. Those holes are hard. The wind kicked up this afternoon and it's swirling in the trees and it just played hard. So to shoot another 3 under round is pretty good.

Q. How are you feeling about the weekend now two rounds complete?

AARON WISE: Yeah, good, I'm excited. I haven't been in this situation since Vegas actually when I was playing on a sponsor's exemption. So to have a chance this weekend to feel those nerves is going to be great and I'm going to learn from it and hopefully go out there and keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. You had another solid day. Get some comments on your round?

AARON WISE: You know, it was a good round. Like I've said before, my irons were a little bit off today, and I knew that on the range it just didn't feel great and I knew I was going to have to manage that. I felt like I did a great job, left my ball in great spots, pretty easy spots to get it up and down, and was able to take advantage of some of the birdie holes. So overall, you know, just a really solid round. My short game kind of kept me in it today.

Q. What's the story of how you got to the States?

AARON WISE: Just when I was three years old they had a kid and they saw more opportunity over here. Luckily, my mom was a citizen because she had lived here before. So my parents decided to move over and it's worked out well. Gave me a lot of opportunities and I'm very thankful for it.

Q. Where did you grow up?

AARON WISE: California, southern California.

Q. What brought you to Oregon?

AARON WISE: You know, visited a bunch of schools, a bunch of Texas schools, California schools, and then one of my last trips was actually to Oregon and it just worked out great. Loved it there. Kind of got there, just had that feeling you get when you're at a place you should be and loved every second of it. Playing for Casey was awesome, so it was a great experience.

Q. What was the most difficult transition for you going from college to professional golf?

AARON WISE: Traveling. No, we're on the road for mid 20 weeks a year. It's a lot. That was definitely the biggest thing because even college when you play tournaments, it was still 36, 18, and you might have been there for three days total and you're back home. So learning how to adapt and kind of live a normal life on the road has been the biggest thing I've had to learn out here.

Q. Do you feel like you have a good grasp of that out here now or is it still a work in progress?

AARON WISE: Still a work in progress. You know, I change things every time. I like to tinker and see what works best for me. Still working on it. I've only been out here now, it's been two years since college. So still learning, still getting better and kind of taking it one step at a time.

Q. What's been the key to progressing each day (inaudible)?

AARON WISE: Just allowing myself to take the time it took. You know, I was so young when I turned pro. I was 19, which sounds crazy because I'm only 21 now, but just so young. Had a lot to learn. Being able to play on Canada and Web just gave me kind of time before I was out here with everything to kind of learn along the way, learn how to travel, learn how to play tougher golf courses.

Q. Is it hard to be patient at a younger age because of the things young guys are doing now?

AARON WISE: I would say so. There's a lot of young guys that are really good. You look at even Jordan and JT and all them, they're not even mid 20s and they're where they're at, so it's happening a lot younger. I think the sport's becoming a lot more explosive, so you're going to see younger and younger guys kind of being out here and doing good.

Q. What do you anticipate the weekend being like?

AARON WISE: Tough. Like I said -- well, we'll see actually because there might be rain, but it's going to be tough. The weather's been great. The greens have been rock hard all week long, the rough's long, and it's just a beast of a golf course. It tests every part of your game, which I love. I feel like I'm playing really well, so overall it's just going to be hard, you're going to have to grind it out.

Q. Going into tomorrow knowing that big names like Jason Day and Paul Casey are lurking, your mindset?

AARON WISE: It will be exciting. The crowds out here have been great all week, and they're going to be even better come the weekend. It will be a little electric out here late in the day. I think it will just be a ton of fun. I'm going to look forward to that, kind of use their energy a little bit and just try to put a good round together.