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Donation for New Lab Supports Levine Children’s Hospital

The Wells Fargo Championship has been a proud supporter of Levine Children’s Hospital, part of Atrium Health, along with the work and research necessary to help children in need of medical care.  Each year, with the support of the fans of the tournament, we are thrilled to be able to make a sizable donation to Levine Children’s.  This year, we are donating $300,000 to help Dr. Jeffrey Huo MD, PhD begin his translational research in the Levine Children’s Pediatric Oncology lab in January 2022. We all hope this work and research will result in a better understanding and prognosis for children with Ewing Sarcoma.

Dr. Huo’s work will be characterizing different types of sarcoma and their inflammatory properties.  He will begin to look at blood and tumor samples from patients diagnosed at Levine Children’s Hospital in an attempt to help predict relapse or progression of their disease.  We also believe that looking at the patient’s inflammation status will give us crucial information to develop an algorithm to attempt to better understand who is/is not responding to therapy.

In the new translational Ewing Sarcoma program, the lab was able to culture a tumor of a 15-year-old male, whose cancer had metastasized to all bones. In addition, this program can look at the tumor genetics to personally tailor a chemotherapy plan.  This precision medicine is likely the future of relapsed cancer care, and with this lab – and those who support the lab – Levine Children’s will continue to provide novel therapies and hope for our families.

The Wells Fargo Championship is proud to help and support this program and the continued progress of Levine Children’s Hospital. 

Levine Children’s Hospital | Pediatric Hospital in Charlotte, NC (atriumhealth.org)


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