Disabled Patrons

Apply for Handicapped Parking

We are committed to servicing disabled patrons regarding special needs parking requirements. Due to limited parking availability, patrons must apply to access our Handicapped Parking lot for the upcoming tournament. Patrons parking in this lot are required to have a state issued Handicap Placard. 2019 Handicap Parking Application

Handicapped parking is located at Forest Hill Church, 7224 Park Road on Monday through Friday ONLY and Quail Hollow Middle School, 2901 Smithfield Church Road on Saturday and Sunday ONLY. Dedicated wheelchair-accessible buses will shuttle disabled persons and their guests to the tournament.

Shuttle and Course Access

Patrons arriving at Quail Hollow Club via the Disabled Shuttle will have their tickets marked by Special Needs Ambassadors upon arrival to the Drop-off/Pick-up Tent. Ensure that this ticket remains with you and anyone traveling with you—you will need it to return to the Shuttle Area following play.

Upon arrival to the grounds, Ambassadors working with the Special Needs Committee will update patrons with pertinent information and direct, escort, or transport individuals to Reserved Seating Areas or Corporate Hospitality venues. Be sure to make note of the shuttle pick-up location in relation to the clubhouse and grounds.

On Course Amenities

Reserved seating areas are located at the 15th Green and behind the 18th Green.


Handicapped Access Restrooms are conveniently located at the Reserved Parking area (Forest Hill Church/Quail Hollow Middle School) and other designated locations on the golf course.


Should a problem or emergency occur, contact any uniformed tournament Marshal or Law Enforcement personnel in order to expedite medical assistance. First Aid tents are displayed on the course maps that are handed out at the tournament gates.

If you wish to contact the Special Needs Group for assistance back to the Shuttle Lot, simply inform the Special Needs Ambassador at any of the reserved seating locations.