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"The Wells Fargo Championship intends to make this a singular event on the PGA Tour, and nothing that happened this week suggested it will be anything less. On a picture-perfect day in Charlotte, the fans came out to watch Tiger Woods win the local tournament at Quail Hollow Club.

It was a day they'll talk about the rest of their lives, and one the tournament will use as an entry card to still another level of golfing success. An event that couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect four-year start realized its greatest fantasy in the fifth. They finally got Woods to put on a blue blazer.

Perhaps it was only fitting that Woods did slip into the winner's royal blue jacket late Sunday afternoon.  For a tournament that looks so much like a major got a champion whose career is defined by them."

—Doug Ferguson, Associated Press


"Over the course of my career, I've won a few tournaments here and there, and it's been nice," Woods said. "This one, considering the field and the golf course and the conditions, I am ecstatic to have won here."

—Tiger Woods


"Just how well do the top-10 ranked players fare in tournaments when they all compete? Since 2002 there have been only 43 tournaments (21 majors, 16 World Golf Championship events, five Players championships and the 2007 Wells Fargo Championship) where all of the top 10 players in the World Golf Rankings have congregated."

—Golf World


"I must be dreaming. It's 1pm, and the press room at the Wells Fargo Championship is packed with writers. And they're writing! I see rows of earnest journalists hunched over their laptops, pawing through interview transcripts and chugging their Diet Cokes. I see newspapermen, bloggers, magazine scribes, skywriters honing their material before they head for the airstrip. It's like the U.S. Open in here, and it's Wednesday."

"Pinch me. Or simply remind me that Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan were paired in this morning's pro-am."

—John Garrity, Sports Illustrated


"And it probably doesn't help that The Players is held a week after the Wells Fargo Championship, which drew seemingly endless comparisons with a major championship last week, especially after Woods said he was "ecstatic" to have won considering the quality of the golf course against the strength of the field in such difficult conditions.

"More than one player was asked at Quail Hollow what the difference was between last week and this week (The Players). In every case there was a pause for contemplation before a nod was given to The Players. But they all had to think about it."

—Doug Ferguson, Associated Press

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"With the Par-3-sized crowds Wednesday and the roars in the dark and drizzle of Saturday, Quail Hollow seemed more like Augusta than, well, Augusta. As a tournament, Wachovia is barely old enough to have its training wheels off – and yet attracted 28 of the top 30 players in the world. One theory is they out-perk ‘em in Charlotte, but as James Carville might say—It's the course, stupid."

—Jim Moriarity, Golf World


"Saturday's marathon third-round coverage of the Wachovia, which began on CBS and finished on the Golf Channel, was the year's best television viewing experience so far."

—Stu Schneider, Golf World


"Anyone who is anyone is at the Wells Fargo Championship, the Tour stop every other event longs to be. Each spring, like fine detergent, the Wachovia emerges – new and improved – a blooming U.S. Open meets the Deep South love affair. And last week the Quail Hollow Club boasted its mightiest roster of A-list celebrities."

—Jeff Babineau, GolfWeek


"The folks at the Wells Fargo Championship do a lot of things right, which is why in just five years, they have risen to the ranks of the best non-major tournaments on the PGA TOUR schedule."

—Bob Harig, ESPN


"In America we have seen the Wachovia tournament attract the world's top players. Wouldn't it be nice to see a similar thing happen somewhere outside America involving all the international players?"

—Derek Lawson, The Daily Mail (London)


"Already supplied evidence is that this fifth-year tournament has achieved elite status with the players—28 of the world's top 30 teed it up—it now has the markings of a weekend that is a publicist's dream."

—Jim McCabe, Boston Globe


"The top two Wells Fargo Championship finishers both made double bogeys coming in. And high finisher Vijay Singh made two bogeys and a triple coming in. It appeared the boys were stinking up the gym.

That speaks of one thing: Quail Hollow is one of the best courses on the Tour. You might say it deserves the strong field and favorable date it received."

—Jeff Rude, GolfWeek

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