Security Bulletin

The Wells Fargo Championship will continue its normal security policies but expand screenings for ALL patrons, sponsors, volunteers, media and vendors attending or working the upcoming tournament. 

Officials are asking everyone to participate in making the event safe and enjoyable by being aware of their surroundings during their visit to Quail Hollow Club. Should a person see an activity that might be unusual or suspicious, they're urged to notify a member of CMPD, security personnel, or Tournament Official working the event. Everyone is urged to keep a simple phrase in mind: "See Something, Say Something."

Since the safety and well-being of everyone is of the utmost importance, please adhere to standard tournament policies:

  • No Backpacks or Coolers of any kind
  • No Chair Bags (Folding chairs are permitted - the sleeve that holds them is not)
  • No Lawn or oversize chairs
  • No pets except for service animals
  • No opaque bags larger than 6"x6"x6" (in their natural state) will be permitted
  • No clear tote bags, plastic, vinyl, or other carry items larger than 12"x6"x12"
  • No Video Cameras at any time
  • No Cameras or Go-Pros permitted after Wednesday (Please note: Camera lens must fit within 6x6 restrictions)
  • No Radios, Televisions, or other electronic noise-producing items
  • No Whistles, Horns or Noise Makers
  • No Signs, Banners, Poles or Rods
  • No Alcoholic Beverages may enter or leave the Tournament
  • No outside Food or Beverages may enter the Tournament except for medical or infant needs
  • No plastic, Metal, or Glass Cups, Cans or Containers except for medical or infant needs
  • No Weapons of any kind many enter the tournament including, but not limited to firearms or knives
  • No Computers or Laptops
  • No Fireworks or Laser Pointers
  • No Illegal Substances
  • No other items deemed unlawful or dangerous by the PGA TOUR Tournament Security Officials
  • No Selfie Sticks
  • No seat cushions in a carrying case or that have pockets or compartments

All items are subject to search. You will be asked to return all unauthorized items to your car before you are allowed to board shuttles.

Tournament does not provide a “check” facility, so attendees are urged not to bring restricted items.

Please note: Diaper bags and medical necessities will be permitted, but searched.

* All  portable chairs must be removed from the course each night.

** Verbal remarks, as well as banners, posters, t-shirts or the like, that belittle, defame, or criticize any of the players are not permitted.

Tournament reserves the right to refuse or withdraw admission privileges to any guest who fails to comply with Tournament standards.



The following information outlines the proper usage of Mobile Devices at the Wells Fargo Championship. Our goal is to enhance the spectator experience while preserving the integrity of the competition. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Effective immediately, spectators are now allowed to take photos all week with their mobile devices throughout the golf course, except in areas of competition during official rounds or when requested by players, security, and TOUR officials to refrain from taking a photo.  Receiving or placing phone calls will remain limited to designated “Cell Phone Zones.”  As a reminder, cameras are NOT allowed during official rounds.

Reminder: Cameras are NOT allowed Thursday – Sunday (no cameras during competition rounds).

Failure to adhere to the Mobile Device Policy may result in the confiscation of your mobile device or removal from the tournament.

  • Device must be on silent at all times
  • Calls may be placed or answered only in designated “Cell Phone Zones”
  • Devices may not be used to capture audio/video at any time during tournament week
  • During practice and pro-am rounds, photography is permitted in all areas.
  • During official competition rounds, photography is prohibited within any areas of competition (i.e. teeing grounds, tee shot landing areas and on/around putting greens) or when requested by tournament staff, security, players, or player representatives.  Photography in non-competition areas is permitted.
  • Data use (e.g., texting, email, etc.) will be permitted outside of the designated “Cell Phone Zones” all week
    -- Data use is not permitted when players are in position to compete (i.e. when Volunteer Marshals have their hands raised for QUIET PLEASE)  

A complete summary of the PGA TOUR’s Mobile Device Policy can be found here. 


Autograph Policy

During official competitive rounds (Thursday through Sunday), a player will not sign autographs after the start of his round until it is complete. An autograph area will be designated at the tournament, where players have the option to use this area. 

Alcohol Policy

Spectators are not allowed to bring any type of alcohol to the tournament grounds. Only beer and wine can be removed from any Private Hospitality area or the Clubhouse. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold to the public any later than one hour prior to the scheduled end of competition.

Private Hospitality areas and the Clubhouse will close one hour after the end of competition.

Mixed drinks are not permitted outside of Hospitality areas, the Clubhouse/Event Lawn and the Champions Park, 13 F Concession, and 16 F - Green Mile Village.

Inclement Weather Policy

Observe the leader boards throughout the golf course for "Weather Warning" signs that will appear prior to inclement weather:

When the sign appears, take precautions prior to play being suspended. If the siren sounds, seek shelter immediately. Avoid open areas, hilltops and/or high places, isolated trees, golf carts, and wire fences.


Use of Tournament Marks & Assets Policy

The tournament prohibits the unauthorized use of the Wells Fargo Championship name, trademarks (including logo). The policies also prohibit any use of Wells Fargo Championship tickets, Pro-Am spots, or other tournament assets in sweepstakes, promotions or contests, or any other unfair attempt to associate with or exploit the goodwill of any Wells Fargo Championship event. Additionally, Pro-Am spots cannot be sold, donated (silent auction or other) or transferred.


Golf Etiquette

  • Stay quiet and stand still when the players are about to hit the ball.
  • "Hands in the air" means stop and be quiet while golfers are playing
    their shots.
  • Never cross fairways, except at designated crossover areas marked by
  • Help patrons be considerate of each other and kneel or sit down whenever possible, to allow better viewing for those behind you.
  • For your own safety, follow the directions of the tournament marshals.

USGA Golf Rules
Visit the U.S. Golf Association's Web site for a complete list of rules.

Suggested Golf Attire

Appropriate casual golf wear with comfortable walking shoes (soft spikes only). Spectators should have the following items on hand:

  • Wind breaker
  • Hat/Visor
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella